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  1. Also, if you are flying with turbulence on then maybe try turning it off and practicing in servers with it disabled or in single player. Wake turbulence is a whole different animal and requires you to approach the tanker from a different angle, and I can see that being a big issue with new joins tanking for the first time. Believe me when I tell you that it helps having turbulence disabled that it makes it way easier to tank. When you finally get comfy with it, turn it back on and learn some more.
  2. You act like I have over 10,000 hours of flight experience. Really I have closer to 60 hours in the hornet in my logbook, and closer to another 40 online. Out of all my flight hours, probably only 35-40 times have I actually tanked. Dont make it sound impossible to learn. Not going to lie, at first it IS a challenge. The more you try, the more it stays the same. Thats all there is to it. You may disagree with me, but keep trying. You think its hard in the hornet? Try it in the Harrier. Practice in the Su-33; thats how I learned. Fly in the Aerobatics Online server and learn formation with othe
  3. Honestly its not all that hard to keep in the basket. Then again, Ive had plenty of practice over the years. Like everything, it takes muscle memory time to learn and lots of practice flying formations. One day itll just "click" and itll be easier from then on. Dont give up on it, just keep trying. And there technically is an easy mode designed for a2a refueling as the basket and probe are scripted to connect with each other when you get in the proper parameters. IRL that basket wobbles, bobs and weaves all over the place, so yeah we already have it easy.
  4. Thought I would ask, maybe with the data cartridge coming soon. Thanks anyways..
  5. Can someone explain to me how to name waypoints? and I mean from the MCFD page, not in mission editor... or is that even possible?
  6. Finesse is the key to everything that requires finesse. If your joystick has some sticky spots where it takes a little more force to go past, you're going to have problems. Also helps to fly with your fingertips and not death gripping your joystick because that aggression translates into aggressive movements. All of that also applies to your throttles - make them as smooth as possible physically. If you have to take it apart and grease some moving parts, do so. Place your joystick in a position where its comfortable, or make it as comfortable for you to use it if you cant place it exactly wher
  7. Ok, thought I would mention it. Alternatively, you can just stow the flex sight and be able to look around, and I know this is kind of pointless but you can uninstall the guns in the gunner positions and still use the seat for transport. I guess what y'all are asking for is a key command to stow the guns or move them separately?
  8. Let me be clearer; I just said it allows you to use your mouse instead of trackir. You would use your mouse to fire and aim the guns while using TIR or VR to aim. Ill look for it in settings, its always been there. And that control is Rshift + T. Disables TrackIR aiming, and you would use your mouse instead of trackIR.
  9. No, you were still able to use your head. It disabled the guns and brought it to where you use your mouse instead.
  10. I think there is a key command that allows you to stop using the gun pod while using trackir, could probably be the same key combination. For the life of me, I cant remember what it was because I couldnt ever use the guns in trackir accurately anyways.
  11. This beam supposedly shoots up to an ungodly altitude and its clearly visible over 100 miles. Are we ever going to see this in DCS?
  12. Weird thing happened, and Ive noticed this same exact problem in RedKite's last video on this. The first JSOW I program in against the Hawk site goes stupid and misses the target altogether. Yet the second time around I killed the target. Ive tried this twice so far and got the same results, cant really go further than this since I am winchester after having destroyed the hawk radar. I had the wingman get the next 2 targets since I wasted all my ammo on this target, but couldnt get the last one. Heres the video from RedKite, its at 17:00 fwd. I also did this in TOO mode and designated with the
  13. that kind of defeats the purpose of having an operator seat; it should still be selectable either way...
  14. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dlc-campaigns/stone-sky/mi-8mtv2-and-ka-50-memory-of-a-hero-campaign/bugs-and-problems-bk
  15. Wouldnt that keep you from using the door gunners too? Because I can use the door gunners, just not the copilot seat.
  16. Ok so there is another thread reporting this problem. Myself and 3 other squad mates have stated they cant use the operator seat as well.
  17. Well, If Im wrong, Im wrong. Ive been going by the Army manual thats a bit outdated and its been a while since I last looked at it. But I recall the checklist being cut starter at 30% or 30 seconds to prevent overheating the starter. The DCS Huey's engine is self sustaining at += 25% per my experiences. Again, if Im wrong, Im wrong.
  18. You are supposed to release the starter button at 30% to prevent overheating the starter. Its actually self sustaining at around 25% but technically you are supposed to depress it until at the very latest 30%.
  19. I cannot operate the copilot station - not the flex sight nor the controls. Pressing 2 doesnt place me in the copilots seat; meanwhile I can choose the gunner positions and the pilot seat. I know of one other person who had this issue while flying with me earlier this evening. Edit: 2 more ppl in my sqn havent been able to cycle in between the gunner/copilot seat either.
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