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  1. I managed to get it to start after it hit 25%. [YOUTUBE]vQ35lIxvcio[/YOUTUBE]
  2. that kind of defeats the purpose of having an operator seat; it should still be selectable either way...
  3. guess thats what it is. what the hell is this for?
  4. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dlc-campaigns/stone-sky/mi-8mtv2-and-ka-50-memory-of-a-hero-campaign/bugs-and-problems-bk
  5. Wouldnt that keep you from using the door gunners too? Because I can use the door gunners, just not the copilot seat.
  6. Ok so there is another thread reporting this problem. Myself and 3 other squad mates have stated they cant use the operator seat as well.
  7. Well, If Im wrong, Im wrong. Ive been going by the Army manual thats a bit outdated and its been a while since I last looked at it. But I recall the checklist being cut starter at 30% or 30 seconds to prevent overheating the starter. The DCS Huey's engine is self sustaining at += 25% per my experiences. Again, if Im wrong, Im wrong.
  8. nope, he referenced the HOME key.
  9. You are supposed to release the starter button at 30% to prevent overheating the starter. Its actually self sustaining at around 25% but technically you are supposed to depress it until at the very latest 30%.
  10. I cannot operate the copilot station - not the flex sight nor the controls. Pressing 2 doesnt place me in the copilots seat; meanwhile I can choose the gunner positions and the pilot seat. I know of one other person who had this issue while flying with me earlier this evening. Edit: 2 more ppl in my sqn havent been able to cycle in between the gunner/copilot seat either.
  11. you can probably try NvInspector and write a profile specifically for DCS.
  12. How? You lose speed when you drop your engine RPM but you are consuming more fuel since the throttle is wide open. Doesnt the prop pitch angle govern engine RPM by increasing the torque at the hub?
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