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  1. We are probably a long way off ever seeing a map anywhere near that scale.. We can dream I guess. I think even just the entirety of the UK is not feasible at the moment.
  2. Also, they're made by different countries... Americas classification rules might be stricter. Look at the end of the HB know people want the F-14D variant, but there really isn't point in poking them constantly about the subject. I'm sure they're fed-up to a point working on the 14 and would a new project to work on
  3. The thing you have to remember is HeatBlur is made up of humans.... Not robots or some AI farm... Those humans need paying. Then there's the 'cut' that ED will take. Then there is licensing. Then you factor is how many years the product will be supported for > look at the original DCS A-10, it's 10 years old this year. And it will still get some amount of bug fixing. The F-14 is a module in which dare I'd say, I would easily pay more... It would say it's almost, and in quoting your words in the original post, offensive to HB to say they doesn't deserve to charge what they do.
  4. Ah okay, so basically the sounds that I feel are unbalanced would be so even with HLiH turned off - just everything is louder. I never fly with the option disabled, bar one time a few days ago where it nearly blew out my ear drums Maybe 'balanced' is the wrong term, but I hope you guys get the idea...
  5. @fat creasonUpdate on this, my mate who flies RIO also informed me that some of the switches for the radar are like this too, eg MLC switch
  6. Oh night lighting.... I would say what you described is what I was seeing prior to 2.7 as well. A while back, ED appeared to add some sort of scaling to the sprites attached to the lights, which would increase based on distance... Hence you're seeing lights that are much stronger at the end of the runway. The lighting engine has much work needed to be done on it, especially if ED are shifting their focus to campaigns that last for days, where you can join flights at anytime you want.
  7. Hey, So I've marked this thread with prefix of opinion, as well that's all it is Personally I feel that the cockpit sounds are a little unbalanced, and maybe it's something you guys could have a review of? This opinion is based on using the Hear Like In Helmet option enabled. Main things for me that are a little unbalanced are: The air conditioner The clunk from the radar altimeter being unlocked The radios max volume is a little low when comparing it to all other sounds Jester Menu background noise Now I fully understand that this is all very subjective and also hardware driven to a point. So as a note here is my audio hardware: Headphones - Fostek M60rp Dac - Mayflower Arc mk1 Once again, I would like this post to come across as more of a discussion rather than saying: "I think this, I want this changed."
  8. Would you be expecting this to be a brand new module or an upgrade?
  9. In the current climate, I can fully understand this.
  10. Well then, the F-14 is not for you
  11. Well for a start, a vast amount of people are being held back by the fact that the game is single threaded... Whilst using fsr would improve performance on the gpu, we are still going to hit the point were the gpu is rendering faster than the cpu can give the frame orders. So until we start seeing things like AI, sensors being moved on to separate threads we are only going to get so much and depending on what mission you run it could be jack all... Again, I'm not saying they shouldn't look into it, but the way people are talking about this tech is that it's magical and will solve all their performance issues.
  12. I think that whilst the tech looks very interesting, there are many many other places in which dcs can be and should be improved for performance first.... There is no guarantee it would work as all the lovely marketing video say. I think sometimes people forget that developers are very much in the know of all this tech, and don't need multiple posts asking about possible implementation.
  13. Never say that.... You'll have probably caused yourself hell
  14. The Nose Strut Switch is currently configured so it's Right Click for down, unlike all other three position switches where it's: Left Click = Down, Right Click = Up
  15. haha I know right, nothing like keeping them on their toes
  16. Not much to explain here really I know you guys worked on making it so the RIO can't interact with the pilots switches, but I've only just noticed as a pilot I can interact with the RIO switches. Obviously nothing major, and actually it's quite funny to wind up my rio.... Maybe it's not an issue after all
  17. The free to fly system isn't time limited, you go to: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/licensing/trial/ < you need to be using DCS standalone rather than steam for this. Then you can trial any module for two weeks, then six months after your trial ended, you can trial it again.
  18. Ah yes, what better way to tease a new product than showing it getting shot down
  19. As many as it takes to get both in the game I guess
  20. Much much better after this update... Certainly more work to be done, there still seems to be far too much translucency < especially with the sun... Some additional internal shadows wouldn't go a miss either. There is also still the issue of the clouds being aliased at distant, this has little to do with msaa etc. You can see the voxels on distance clouds trying to interpolate the edges, but again this patch has made things better for sure.
  21. But then people moan that released it in an unfinished state....... Though I will say the lack of it being done yet is a shame, especially since teased it to us but oh well.
  22. Sorry for the late update on the post BN. A track file from my friend confirming the issue is not caused by just myself I've also provided the mission file. One thing to mention is to continue to hold the weapon release button after the weapon drop, I've witnessed a delay occasionally for the missile to go off. DogFightMode.zip Edit: I've additionally found out it's not linked to 'sync hotas at start'... You can cycle the DF switch (still leaving it the forward position) prior to start up and it still happens
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