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  1. Can you see this link? https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/482-game-crash/
  2. Well yes, if ultra in VR was the same as 2d you'll see a performance hit for sure
  3. It's a problem with using photographs as reference. The human eye see such a large colour gamut and our brain is so amazing that it constantly builds upon the image we see with different exposures. The term 'photorealistic' is a bit of a trap, because really in DCS you want to replicate how the human eye works, not cameras. But then comes the other issue of how peoples monitors display the image produced. Most modern monitors will display +99% of sRGB and usually now +90% of D3, which means that graphics engineers have to find clever ways of displaying all the colour data without too much clam
  4. Yes you would be able. The water droplets would refract the IR rays enough to spook a missile. It would be interesting to know how water effects radar, but when you think about how an air-ground radar cannot see bellow the surface of the water due to the rays being reflected/refracted and thus not returning those rays properly if at all. What is cool with volumetric clouds is that you can calculate their density or thickness throughout the volume. So say you might have a thin part of the cloud which the radar can successfully see through, whereas a denser part it wont.
  5. Sounds like you're running the Stable version if it's not detecting the update. What you can do is: Go to your install dir > bin folder: mine is (H:\Games\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin) File>Open windows powershell type 'cmd' and hit enter type 'DCS_updater.exe update @openbeta' and hit enter That should run the updater and convert it from stable to openbeta
  6. From the weekend news: "We are also working on a Cloud generator capable of creating on-demand visual representations of much larger clouds such as towering cumulus and cumulonimbus. After the initial launch, we will continue the development of natural cloud cycles, severe weather behaviour, thunderstorms and fog. " I think the use of the word 'disappointing' is being used too much in my opinion. Yes the acid trip wobble effect of the clouds is bad < they're working on it. The quality of the clouds lower yes, but as we've already found out, the graphics option for them does
  7. Try running the in-game PD at +1.0, the whole running at 0.5 and then using steamVR supersampling has already been debunked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1gcgAXhgtA I wonder if the cloud resolution is linked to the display resolution, granted even at +1.0 they still don't look detailed and like other posts have mentioned it appears in VR that the graphics>cloud option doesn't actually effect them.. They appear to be locked at one setting.
  8. Yeah the previous clouds/weather conditions/time of day never affected the AI's LOS, so these clouds haven't broken anything. Granted they've now made it harder for us humans, but at least ED have a framework/technology whereby they can affect AI's LOS very effectively.
  9. Then uninstall some modules/terrains... Or buy a new ssd... Not really the devs fault mate
  10. I download much faster than 1-2mbps from their servers... So not sure what you're experiencing... Only time I've seen it like that is when they're a high amount of traffic which is usually caused by a hyped update
  11. How often are the stutters? Are you running anything like Malwarebytes?
  12. The fog needs an overhaul really as it's just a generic environment fog. It would be great to see things like localised fog but again this can only work with a true weather system. One can hope and dream eh ;)
  13. I can confirm that turing the FCR off works... I then turned on the FCR, waited the magical 20-25mins and boom dead.
  14. Elec Sys failure on ramp Hi there, Myself and a mate having been running into an issue with the F-16. Hot Start on the ramp, after a while we both get an Elec Sys warning, the mdf's flicker and reboot. The warning will not go, and there's a Main PWR warning on the battery panel. The FCR doesn't boot back up and the INS alignment is lost. On this occasion for testing I joined the slot, and haven't touched anything bar navigating through some pages on the ded whist explaining some pages to someone. All previous times I've turned on things like the backup radio, rwr, plugged in some steerpo
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