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  1. You confirm without that mod, no SCUD launch ? Does it pass Integrity Check ? Any chance to get High Altitude long range launch ? Anyway, if that opens ground-ground cruise missile launch, that's already a great capability :) . Thanks for that.
  2. Squadon name: Virtual European Air Force / 10.735 Raptor Cell Teamspeak/Discord: ts.veaf.org / https://discord.gg/7cbQqjB Contact person Discord ID: CoubyStark#8866 Aircraft Selection: M-2000C Pilots: FR - [VEAF] CoubyStark
  3. Nope I didn't record the track. It seems to be related to the wake turbulence feature, and my system low specs. The system spec : - Intel Core i3-2120@3.30GHz - 16GB RAM - SSD - Nvidia GTX1070 Do you still want a track to have a look ?
  4. Experienced both with 2.5.5 and 2.5.6. FPS ~10 with very low performance settings, makes the sim unplayable :( .
  5. Hi, For me the Tacview export seems to be broken with the latest OB Possible to confirm and fix ? Or tell me how to get it back working ? VBR
  6. Couby

    SATAL 2019

    Is this discord message also required for Arena 2019, or is it just for SATAL ?
  7. Couby

    Father and son

    Thanks for all these exchanges and shares . I started to elaborate a junior training program, mixing fun and slow adaptable pace learning. I'll stick to DCS for the moment, but will remain open to other experiences and possibilities. Will iterate with feedbacks of my son.
  8. Couby

    Father and son

    Interesting feedback @Los. Which simulations did you practice with him when he was between 7 and 12 ?
  9. Couby

    Father and son

    Great feedback @Zius ! Many thanks :thumbup:
  10. Couby

    Father and son

    @33-DFTC you're sooo right... Sure @Erniedaoage, L-39 looks also as a great option ! Yet I wonder if it is really worth it looking for a virtual two seater, or be really two-seating with him in a virtual monoseat aircraft...
  11. Couby

    Father and son

    Gloups, mistake... was... 34 years ago... ouch.
  12. Couby

    Father and son

    Thank you Meowmeow, Kang, Catt42. I understand your point :). I also learned the hard way, fueled by passion, starting at 8. I think it's a bit different when you're interested by your own to something than when it comes from your dad in a certain manner. I don't try to impose him anything, just want to help him find a pleasant and fun way to start that journey :blush: . @Catt42 : I don't really want to make things easy for him, I'm interesting in finding the right balance in what I could propose (when he asks). I grow with simulations. What they get today with DCS is so far from what
  13. Couby

    Father and son

    Hi, Without entering in details about my profile and experience : -I am a "relatively" old simer - started on F-15 Fighter Pilot on a Amstrad CPC 464 in 1985 - I've intensively been involved in online activities during years - I created the french Raptor Cells squadron and founded the Virtual European Air Force organisation - among other things... :blush: - I left active and regular online flights I would say ~two years ago Today, I'm looking for something else and different. I have an 11 years old kid. He's starting to show interest in this activity that fascinates me.
  14. The new feet is working well :). The alternative electronic is functional. Next step : the CBY F-14 Stick MkII fully mounted and working :blush: . Soldering in progress...
  15. Thanks :). WIP on the connector.
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