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  1. tried latest stable and latest development versions guess I'll try something else. cheers
  2. Ok, I've got the AI taking off now but they are spawning indefinitely instead of filling the client slots only. Has anyone seen this behaviour before or know how to stop it? I'm spawning F-14s so I originally thought they were spawning 1 AI for the pilot and 1 for the RIO but they just keep spawning EDIT After adding a second AI balancer to spawn another flight, it is the last balancer spawn that adds aircarft indefinitely. The original F-14s now spawn as intended but the next flight of F/A-18s now spawn indefinitely
  3. No they haven't got anything scripted since the other AI flights I have on map are spawned by MOOSE but follow the flight plan given in the editor. Is it different with the AI balancer?
  4. Hi all I'm trying to use the AI Balancer to add flights to a carrier operation when clients are not occupied. I've got the planes spawning on deck but they will not take off. Is there something I'm missing?
  5. Cheers. That sounds so simple I figured that couldn't be all there is to it : doh:
  6. Looking for a bit more photoshop novice assistance guys I'm trying to tweak the VF-103 skin to suite the needs of the few guys I fly with and want to change the modex numbers but USNStencil isn't available on the creative cloud fonts page. Does anyone know where to get it or know of a replacement?
  7. I'd bet there will be a tonne of interest. I've been messing around with skins for some time now with mixed success using youtube tutorials. A guide, straight from the horses mouth, would be brilliant.
  8. Mine are all dark in game but not in photoshop. Can anyone offer advice? I'm new to this
  9. I was really looking forward to this campaign and I found the first 2 missions very engrossing. However after a recent update, the campaign is unplayable. I first noticed an issue on mission 3 where I didn't receive any radio notice about the downed pilot. I diverted to the ruined outpost, dealt with the enemy and continued on my patrol not knowing any different. After landing however the mission flagged up as not complete. I only know about the pilot thanks to searching for tips on the mission. Yesterday however things got even worse. Hammerfall 1 began with the Georgian assault force d
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