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  1. Try this: TMS aft until you see SP if it's not visible. Then click SP, then TMS Up or right (point or area track) and finally slew the TDC cursor up.
  2. Well just out curiosity I found the T.O. GR1F-16CJ-1 manual and checked. There is a Cockpit Interior Check. Now this does not specify what the knob/switch positions should be before you enter the cockpit, it just tells you where they need to be before you move on to the next phase (AFTER COCKPIT CHECKLIST IS COMPLETE - VERIFY). Focusing on the items I listed, in this list it shows: Left Console: 13. ENG FEED knob - NORM 15. IFF MASTER knob - STBY 16. CNI Knob - BACKUP 25. COMM 1 power knob - CW 26. COMM 1 mode knob - SQL 27. COMM 2 power knob - CW
  3. When did I ever say that what I asked for had any backing? I am not a real F-16 pilot so how would I know? This request is personal. I flew the other F-16 sim for many years and this was part of the startup. Its just what I'm used to from past sim experience, and because I did that for so long it just feels unnatural for those switches to already be set. This is why its in the wish list forum.
  4. It would be nice to have an option to have switches in random positions for sure. Randomization should be for all airframes. But as far as default cold start I really want to see the changes I mentioned above. If they want to add an option for randomization later I'm all for it.
  5. The following should be off on cold start: Fuel panel: fuel selector OFF Air cond panel: air source OFF All audio 1 and 2 knobs off. IFF panel: C&I should start on Backup Would love for this to be implemented thanks.
  6. Hello Mower, I run the 14th Samurai Fighter Squadron, Which flies the F-16. I would love to have you on board. Please visit www.JTF-191.com and fill out the application. Once you do, you should receive an email to our discord channel and we will get you going! Looking forward to flying with you! Datajack
  7. Welcome to Joint Task Force 191 - Task Force Jupiter! JTF-191 is a U.S. based Task Force that was formed in June of 2020 and is composed of 13 squadrons with 60+ active members. We operate as a mil-sim group with an emphasis on realism and joint operations with all branches of military aviation. We are actively looking for F-16 Pilots to fly with us! Our F-16 Squadron, the 14th Samurais, perform a multitude of mission roles including CAP, CAS, SEAD, DEAD, STRIKE, and ESCORT. Both new and experienced pilots are welcome! If you are new to the
  8. This happened to me couple of days ago on our training server. I fired 4 harms at 4 different targets. 3 hit, and one missed high. It exploded above the target but did no damage.
  9. Not sure if a default is set in the background, but the first time I go into the ICP Laser page both values are blank. I think even if its 1688, I think you still need to go and set it. I had a buddy lasing in a harrier for me when we tried it. I entered the laser code he provided and it worked like a charm.
  10. I was able to do this a couple of days ago. You need to set the LSS laser code on the ICP (List then 0 then 5). Then point the TGP in the general direction of the lased target and hit uncage on your throttle. If it finds it, the TGP will lock on.
  11. I am certainly not an expert on this subject matter, but I do clearly remember Nick Grey say in an interview that his goal was absolute realism, even at the cost of game balance. I truly hope this change was done to make the AMRAAM more realistic, because if it was done for game balance (or to make a group of community members happy), then this goes completely against the desires of the company owner. I would be very interested to hear what he has to say about this change.
  12. Personally I don't use the TM software so not an issue for me. Personally I love the TUSBA.
  13. Sorry if this was mentions before, but I use this on my couger throttle: https://realsimulator.com/tusba/ Allows you to use the throttle as a stand-alone, and works great!
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