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  1. I´ am definetely interested in using your profiles and don´t mind paying a few bucks for them. Where can I get them ?
  2. Got it working ! Thanks for your advice. I presumed, that VA would have made the necessary configuration changes to use the assigned button for "radio communication menu" that I had been using in DCS so far. Didn´t expect to have to configure more. Reading the VA manual proved to be a good idea anyway. @Blacleycole: Do you have PTT already working correctly in VA? Did you assign a button of your Puma flightstick and can you use it with VA to have your commands interpreted correctly? If so, double-check if the assigned flight stick button for PTT is set via the VA joystick icon an
  3. Keep getting "PTT Key not in use: check configuration." Hi BlacleyCole, I just read your post with great interest. I love to fly the Huey and installed the VA-Pro-Plugin 2.5.2 yesterday. Did everything "by the book" and have it running by now. I chose a button on my Puma flight trainer for the PTT function. After training the voice recognition system a little more, VA´s recognization of commands is now pretty good. The only thing I just can´t seem to get working, is to get rid of the message "PTT Key not in use: check configuration.". I tried different settings for the TX1 - TX6
  4. Thats an issue that has been mentioned in the release notes of the PG map. They are working on it. So, we just have to be patient.
  5. First of all, I must say that the Persion Gulf map is just great ! I love flying between the skyscrapers and settling the Huey on top of all those shiny skyscrapers ! Now to my findings: When taking off with the Huey in rainy weather at around 2 p.m., I noticed these bugs: - Navigation and Position Lights are shining through the cabin, - Cabin Light and Position Lights are being reflected in the glass of the hanger buildings, but not so the Navigation Light - runway and taxiway signs were off (dark), even though it was dark outside due to the bad weather. Might be still a general
  6. Crossing the holding points has no effect on the communications menu choices. Even if you line up at the given runway, no take-off clearance entry will appear in the menu. Instead, the menu just shows "Inbound" as if you were already airborne and want to radio in for landing. I think they just forgot to set a trigger mark for take-off clearance. In the opposite way, if you radio in for landing ("Inbound"), you 'll get directions for joining the designated traffic circuit. If you follow the traffic pattern as shown on the airport chart on your kneeboard (the correct altitude is impor
  7. Caucasus & NTTR maps: When contacting ATC via comm-radio and requesting clearance for starting up the engines as well as taxiing to one of the runway (holding points), orders are given by ATC in the expected order. So far, so good. BUT: When reaching one of the holding points (hovering right in front of the runway), the communications menu doesn´t show an entry for requesting take-off permission. If in that situation you settle down on the ground and call up the comm-menu, it even shows only "request start-up", as if the clearance for taxiing had never been given before. So, that last s
  8. Hey there, I just noticed that the interior light (green or white) is not showing when looking from the outside into the cabin. Haven´t checked with other aircraft yet. Has anybody else ? Greetz, Alex
  9. Can´t make it to the summit of Mt. Elbrus anymore Having flown the Elbrus mission successfully several times quite some time ago, I started it up in the Open Beta again just to see if I can still rescue the stranded soldiers. Everything worked as usual after the take-off, but when reaching 11.300 ft (I think the QFE is wrong from the beginning - in the briefing it says 23.17 mmHg, but you start up with a readng of 28.17 mmHg) suddenly the engine fails. Everything was in the limits except for the exhaust temperature which reads 700° - yellow range. I tried the climb several times going
  10. Thanx Gizzy for your screenshot. The confusing thing is the mixed-up usage of the designators "throttle" and "ECLs". With that knowledge in mind, it now makes sense, that there is a "throttle left" and a throttle right". Could not make up, what a function the "corrector" would have since I thought there should be two of them... Hey BelsimTek, it´d be great if you could fix that in one of the next updates ! And please check the international translations as well. Thank you !
  11. I just replaced my ASUS GTX 1070 Turbo 8G with an ASUS GTX 1080 TI OC 11G because I wanted to see how much more level of detail can be set with DCS still running sound and soft. Well, reading all the posts about lags and stutters, I wasn´t too confdent about an improvement, but, what can I say, it just works ! DCS 1.5 set to a quite high level of detail (in-game AF and AA set to max, shadows to flat and low, terrain and traffic to medium, bushes, trees and radius to medium values, everything else to high & pixel density to 2.0) runs smoothly with around 23 fps when close to the ground
  12. Gizzy, I gave the key / button assignment another try in order to see if an axis can be assigned to throttle movement. As I said before, I didn´t find a way to do it, which is sad, since I own the Puma Flighttrainer and could use a "real" throttle handle. Talking about the engine controls, I think it´s a bug as far as description and function (key assignments) of "Throttle" and "ECL" are concerned. "PageUp/PageDown" keys are by default key layout assigned to "Correction Lever Up / Down" whereas "Throttle Up / Down" is assigned to "RTCR-POS1/RCTRL-END". Now, if I start-up DCS with a
  13. The problem seems to be that no axis can be mapped for manipulating the throttle. Only way to get it working is to use a tool like 'Joytokey' in order to map the 'PageUp'/'PageDown' key with repetitive action to one of the joystick buttons.
  14. Has anyone noticed the partly missing and disappearing shadow of the huey when flying over Andrews Airforce Base and Las Vegas ? In earlier versions (a few months ago) the shadow of the Huey has been drawn correctly and didn"t disappear underneath buildings.
  15. Thanx for your reply.I appreciate your response to my question. Neither I, nor my Co-Pilot or Gunners are able to fire guns or missiles. I didn't take into account, that making changes in the mission configuration would be part of pre-flight preparation. Let me know, if I got your words right or wrong.
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