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  1. Alright my guy, might be a good time to grab a cup of calming tea and relax for a bit. There are so many things that can affect how quickly/slowly these things hash out, but I'll just give you a couple main points. 1) ED is not a massive corporate publisher with nearly unlimited resources, both human and otherwise. Fewer resources means things can move slowly at times, regardless of if a product is early access or not. Super simple stuff. 2) The supercarrier is early access, and has been very clearly labeled as such. This means a generally usable product is available to those w
  2. I struggled in the exact same way, and the solution was simple for my setup: set a curve of 15 on pitch and roll. I have a TM 16000M hotas. As soon as I did this, I've had a 100% success rate. The hardest part now is controlling airspeed.
  3. Take a deep breath and repeat after me: Early Access Covid Unrest in Belarus Thank you.
  4. I literally have no words for this. Incredible.
  5. I had the exact same thought, and over 200 posts at that...lol
  6. Are you trolling or are you actually this daft?
  7. Agree 100%. An i5 at 3.2ghz and a 960 just wont cut it
  8. For some reason, this made me laugh uncontrollably.
  9. If you want 4x msaa, I'd fork over the extra $$$ for a 2070super or a 2080. My 1070ti is basically a 2060 super, and it would struggle to get 60fps with those settings.
  10. In typical ED fashion, they neither confirm nor deny the supercarrier release on the 15th.
  11. Newsletter doesn't say it's delayed, but also doesn't confirm it will release on the 15th...
  12. I just bought some faster ram, and I have two options on what to do. I can either run: 32gb ddr4 @ 2400mhz Or 16gb ddr4 @3200mhz Anyone know which would be better for dcs world? I mostly fly in the Aerobatics Online server often with 50+ people in it
  13. +1 David OC I have the t16000m setup with throttle, and it's a really amazing mid-range hotas setup. Better than anything saitek puts out at 3x the price.
  14. If you're on a strict budget: i5 8350k and gtx 1060 or 1070, plus a SSD If you can spend more: i5 9600k and rtx 2060 or higher, plus SSD A SSD is pretty much required to play DCS these days.
  15. Wags just mentioned in the Hornet mini update that they are working on data link. Does anyone know if this is for all aircraft, especially the Russian jets, or just the Hornet?
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