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  1. I run DCS from a Gen 4 NVMe (4900mb/s) drive with 32GB RAM and i have seen my load times increase noticeably.
  2. Thanks guys, il try that tonight
  3. Good evening, i havnt played for a couple of patches but now have no info if using AG weapons. no gunsight, no rocket sight and nothing for bombs. if anything has changed can somebody dirrect me to an uptodate guide, thanks
  4. Its easy to answer your own question. Set up a Sp map, take off and monitor RAM and VRam usage. Then add loads of Ai units and fly the same task, again monitor RAM and VRam usage. You will have your answer.
  5. Not true, the core speed may drop due to either thermal throttling OR because the CPU is not being fully utilised. My i7 2700 at 4.9ghz will run slower on some of the cores in DCS (its a single core game after all) Encode some video using handbrake, that will suss out a wobbley overclock.
  6. Run MSI Afterburner and observed resource use ingame. You will see (on DCS 2.0) that VRam is being heavily relied on as is the GPU and RAM, the CPU to a far lesser extent. My 780GTX maxs out on VRAM, i use around 10GB of RAM and my quad core 2700K@4.9ghz is hardly working. So your bottleneck is the GPU.
  7. Malwarebytes Pro version for me, the only one ive tested that put ransomware to bed.
  8. Cheers guys, i found those two, any personal recommendations?
  9. Hi Can anybody recommend where to buy as Track IR5 (pro) kit from. not to many places showing up in the UK. Thanks
  10. I run a 2700k at 4.9ghz and it is not holding the game back at 1440p, my overclocked (and watercooled) 780gtx is getting hammered. all 3GB of VRAM is in use on 2.0. Il be replacing my 780gtx with a 1080Ti once they are out but il keep my 2700k and 16gb of DDR3 2133mhz RAM.
  11. Bang on, once id run it through Handbrake it was silky smooth. Max settings at 1440p and 60fps. Thanks.
  12. How can i record at 60fps Ive made a couple of nice videos at 30fps but when i create an AVI at 60fps (irrespective of graphical setting/resolution) the playback stops about every second. My rig is fast enough (2700k@5ghz/16GB 2133mhz Ram/ 780gtx massively OVed and OCed SSD etc) Im using uncompressed AVI but anything over 30fps causes issues on playback.
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