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  1. Yes, something like that. I have the Reverb G1 since one year and recentrly got the 8KX. The 8KX is king if you can drive it, in DCS this takes about what you have. ( I have a i9 9900KS at 5.2Ghz, 32GB RAM, ASUS Strix RTX3090 OC). DCS works fine but there isnt very much of margin to always have a smooth ride. Ohter games, no problem at all. Racing games, Half life alyx work flawless. The 8KX have a quite narrow focal distance for your eye. If you cannot see sharp with your own eyes on about 0,75M or 2foot, you might need glasses to se sharp in the 8KX. I
  2. Well, I’m not sure but I almost think when I read it was written by nvidia. The new GDDR6X have doubled data rate per clock cycle compared the the RTX2000 GDDR6. Theres a new way of I/O of data /RTX IO) that offloads the CPU from decompressing work and also is ”and improving I/O performance by a factor of two.” I do not remember all parts but I did read this:
  3. You need a decent cpu-cooler for moderate overclocking. do you know what cooler tou have? coretemp is a small fine free software go keep the temps in track. https://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ overclocking has never been as easy as now. Youtube etc is full of information. What motherboard do you have ?
  4. What you need for VR in DCS is pure clock speed. I actually think a 6700K should be possible to overclock to betwen 4.8 and 5ghz, if you can do this you are quite close to a new CPU single core performance. If not, get a cpu that have high clock speeds in turbo mode( should not be below 5ghz to have a little headroom forward. Still, even with a new CPU you probably need to apply some of the ”OC Settings” to make it run the whole time during gaming at the turbo speed.
  5. Yes, at least I think thats a good idea. You can test using the same total resolution( pd/ss) and se if theres a diff in CPU load. Remenber to look at the single CPU core having the highest load. (do not look at total cpu load on all cores together).
  6. DCS pixeldensity (PD) loads the CPU more than Supersampling does in SteamVR. Same result so keep PD at 1.0, or possibly lower. One thing: I think there is a lot of people that believe their CPU is the bottleneck despite it might not be. If that is the case( GPU limiting), measures to decrease load on CPU and increase on GPU might be a bad idea.
  7. Anyone have good tips & tricks for the pimax setup. Still without base stations so I just made som tests so far, the little gaming I done have been with the reverb. I see SteamVR default resolution is quite high( 100% = quite some supersampling). So, which pitool settings, steamVR and DCS are you using?
  8. I think setting both to 2160x2160(or as clos as possible) would be best. am a little bit unsure, because of the SteamVR settings for the G2. Perhaps best to use fpsvr to get a reading of the reported SS, and recalculate from Steam vr 100% resolution setting. What resolution is reported at 100% on the slider with the G2 ? I dont know if installing the beta version of steamVr fix this for the G2, it did that when Reverb G1 was new.
  9. I did order the bundle so I'll get two base stn 2.0 in about a week according to fedex. Another question: My friend is thinking about getting the 8KX but because of the base station wait and also possible warranty issues, he did plan to order the 8KX from a swedish retailer that have 8KX in stock. Which base stations work? Is it only steamVR / Valve index base stations that can be used or can HTC vive be used also ? I didnt learn about this as I ordered the bundle.
  10. All settings will always be a compromise between quality and fps, in DCS. In other games you might be able to use all settings to the max. I suggest to start with using no supersampling. That will be looking at the resolution and not the percentage. Go as close as possible to 2160x2160. This is to get the fps running and when it does you can tune the SS up step by step. The about 2700 x2700 you run now is actually about 160%. Which is a bit high if you combine it with other GPU-killing settings. The supersampling settings multiply so you need to keep control of the universal settings als
  11. I'm still not CPU bond on that [Mission qualification -Supercarrier cold start]. Down below, datalogging from mission start with manual engine start and taxi - catapult - take of. I did use motion reprojection as I most always do, without the mean fram rate had been higher as Im either close to 90 fps(frame times about 12ms) or I get 90fps. In this test I did not stare at the tower, and did not use F2 and circel around the tower. Just engine start as I would do and taxi -take off. I can produce CPU frame time about 23-24ms by starring at the tower. But for all gaming inside aircraft I nev
  12. The base stations and knuckles are now shipped, so in one week I’ll have them. Yes, I have used the 8KX in 3DOF but its not that fun in DCS, can not bend forward /move the head to flip a switch an not se things behind the flight stick. I need to perform a quick roll to find and flip a switch behind. Also, the pimax experience can really be used without controllers. I also play a racing game and there you dont really need the base stations. Can be enjoyed in 3 DOF. Yes, pimax have been ok with communication during this but the ”shipping within 7 workingdays” made me believe I wo
  13. Good work! I hadn’nt the time to read the test before. I will though ???? What I seen so far with the 3090 it a lot faster than the 2080ti, but not fast enough to produce better frame times than my 9900KS when using the Reverb. With my 8KX, the 3090 frame times is in the proportion of 2-3x the CPU. This might change a bit when I tune DCS etc for the 8KX but I do not really see that the GPU frame time come even close to the CPU. My conclusion is that ypu need a really beefy GPU but can do a little less CPU with the 8KX.
  14. I dont know what Pimax they used, but when I do DCS with my 8KX, the CPU has a walk in the park, and the 3090 really work to make up the cost of it.
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