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  1. I confirm. the same thing for me too
  2. have you tried the bankler's carrier trainer mission? I find fantastic missions like this
  3. yes I understand what you mean. we hope they add this functionality
  4. I don't know if I can help someone with this problem since I'm starting now with the hornet. I have an x52 pro and I solved this problem by assigning the elevation to the jerky knob in the photo. I then used the saitek software to set those keys as new advanced commands giving each click of the knob a small pressure delay (0.2 seconds if I remember correctly)
  5. yes that's probably it. also because the bomb hits. thanks, and great missions:thumbup::thumbup:
  6. yes that's probably it. also because the bomb hits. thanks, and great missions
  7. yes this I understood. I was referring to the fact that the symbology on the hud is offset from what I see on the mfd. in practice if on mfd I centered the tank on the hud the symbol will be higher than a few degrees.
  8. I understand. thanks for the explanation
  9. Hi guys can someone explain to me why sometimes I see this effect?
  10. hello I'm flying mission 2 and I'm having a problem with the tgp in ccrp in practice there is an offset between what I see on the hud and what I see in the mfd. I don't know maybe I'm wrong but usually in other flights the two points coincide, not here.
  11. how do you start communications? are you choosing vhf or uhf?
  12. did you confirm the coordinates and elevation when you start the alignment?
  13. it happened to me more than once, when I left the plane stopped for a long time
  14. ahhh ok I apologize and I'm going to hide:music_whistling::music_whistling::music_whistling:
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