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  1. wow, now that's pretty awesome! we build motion sims for race car simulation, full motion, but I had not seen that. Wicked! Thanks for sharing that George:thumbup:
  2. Andre, just received my seat! Only ordered last week. Great job. Thanks Merry Christmas!
  3. Nice Matt. Good luck with the sale. Regards
  4. Thanks TZ, but what's the 'your name' bit??? I don't understand this... sorry...
  5. Hi Guys I'm stuck and feel like a twit... I decided to put my system in triple screen to learn the sim , as it was too hard in the Rift. Whilst doing so in settings (little cog in the start screen) I saw 16-9 so i ticked that as well... Now I can't see the little cog to change it back anymore, my start screen is thin and can't get to settings anymore. I have searched here for the answer, but it's all find the file X c:Users(your name) dcs etc etc. I can't find these files, I'm on steam, and now I am tugging what little hair I have left out! I've got notepad++ installed but don't know where to start...:noexpression: I can't play the game at all, can't use my news warthog and crosswinds...:( Please, if you know how to fix this, help me with a very clear path on how. I'm stuffed. :helpsmilie: Thank you in advance. HIccuptheuseless...
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