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  1. They mentioned that we would get it early on, then came back and said it was not 100% going to happen basically. I think it's one of those things they may revisit down the road, but it is not set in stone..
  2. Hey, can you change my display name to Vyper in the Squadron roll call? 

  3. Fssb... linear curve and about 2-3 pounds of force... handles like a boss...
  4. Another approach to consider is a MP group that is geared for helping you learnt the jet. Do your research and find a group that is accepting new pilots and willing to work with you. You will HAVE to do some self study though. They can put you down a path on "what" to learn, execution will be on you though to self study and learn the systems/procedures/tactics. Take youtube videos with a grain of salt. You can find some great information and, utter BS as well..
  5. When you say "angular" are you referring to the yaw of the back end of the jet? If so... that is not from "adverse" yaw condition as much as it is from the pilot introducing the rudder during that maneuver.. 100% this...
  6. Plus ED could "sell" those variants and have another revenue source...
  7. This right here is the best answer. Trying to make a jet something it's not (based on users "wants") is too much of a slippery slope, and it takes the "cool" part of DCS away (yes that is subjective to me). Different variants will give those opportunities to the player and the developer as well.
  8. Its pretty simple actually. The year our viper was modeled in was 2007.... did APKWS rockets exists then? No.... Move on... Yes this is the Wish list area... you might have missed it though.. they (ED) already explained that its not going to happen (check the thread title)... because.... wait for it.... the rockets did not exist in 2007 ..
  9. Basically.. I want laser rockets. Our Viper is Circa 2007.... we will not have those rockets because they DID NOT EXIST... WHY?!!!! you are "required" to answer... We did answer... Because it is a 2007 VIPER and they did not exist then... BUT!!!! I wants it!!!! Answer why I cants have it... They can be used NOW... once again... round and round we go.. lol.. you cant make this stuff up.. all kidding aside.. Spot on...
  10. Thanks for the info Newy... Just knowing what the team is working on (or priorities I should say), is some good info..
  11. No mention of the the viper at all in the December 4th news letter... Yo... ED... some info would be nice...
  12. The guy knows his stuff too.... Looking foreword to reading his content :thumbup:
  13. I have had multiple Voice conversations with Scrape regarding the F-16 load out and how we implement our load outs at the 55th FS. The detail he went into here on this thread is the tip of the iceberg as far as his knowledge is concern. I have seen pictures of him deployed with various SEAD units and he is 100% the real deal. If any of you still think he needs to provide "proof" to back his claim, then I do not know what to tell you. I get ED is stuck between a rock and a hard place and actually feel bad for them on the decision they had to make. Yes, they are not going to make everyo
  14. So my issue is on my end... I was constantly getting "server ping time out"... or something like that.. this was after being in for usually 3-5 minutes. Come to find out I had a double NAT issue... Contacted my ISP and had them setup a static IP address. Told tech that this was for gaming and that I wanted 1 ISP number running through my setup. Got the numbers today and updated my router with all the new Ip's and I have yet to have a disconnect.. Something for others to consider..
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