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  1. Thanks for the info, I also found all the Command .lua files for all full fidelity modules but I am falling short on the command list for the FC3 aircraft. I want to make interactive F15 tutorials like the Su-27 has. I know where I can get some of the info I need but I need all the info to properly highlight gauges and items in the pit at the right times kinda thing. Thanks for your help.
  2. I am confirming my spot on team Lonewolf
  3. I wanted to remake the training missions for the F15 but can not find the command_defs.lua file with the mission editor numbered commands list. Can anyone provide me with the list or a location where to look. Thanks.
  4. You can also use your radar in modern jets to find friends.
  5. Its been about 2 weeks since the contest closed. How do we find out who or what was chosen as the winning missions!?
  6. Project Erebus 5 Roles to fly with over 10 modules included MISSION LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y5hp5n1ynf4sos/Project%20Erebus.miz?dl=0 A Russian spy infiltrated Groom Lake AFB where the United States has been developing a new cyber weapon, code name “Project Erebus”. Russia is attacking the facility with an elite task force to get control of the weapon or destroy it. Select a role and follow your direct orders if we want to keep Erebus safe. I designed this mission to act as a dynamic multi-role single player mission. Mission Features: Dynamic Single Play
  7. I literally had the same problem. Update DCS first then try to install the Spitfire. Thanks for the help gentlemen.
  8. is it possible to get a screenshot of what the ground targets look like? I have made a few flights and saw / found nothing.
  9. I am very new to DCS and the WW2 era planes really interest me. I currently own a P-51D and pre-ordered the Spitfire but it looks like I may have to get a 109 too. I am really excited to get to know some of the pilots that fly here often and become a better sim pilot myself. Keep an eye out for Stink inc online I will not be an easy kill forever, I hope.
  10. Wow, that is great news! I am very new like this is day 3 for me. Trying to figure out how radios work online and got my first kill yesterday on a K4 in my P-51 after getting shot down 15 times. Track IR cam in the other day too, Christmas came early!!!
  11. I am a new pilot to DCS, I have flown 700+ hours on FSX and was itching for WW2 combat. After trying to fly IL:2 BoS I found DCS to be far superior to just about everything else I have tried. I am really excited for the Spitfire release as I currently own the P-51 and love it. I hope one day they create a P-40 Module. Then my fantasy will be complete. Looking forward to meeting some WW2 sim pilots on the WW2 servers!! 2 m o r e d a y s
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