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  1. Hi, Not sure if your only into Airplanes or not. if you get to London The Imperial War Museum in London has a lot of good stuff, T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) orginal Brough superior motorcycle, the one he killed himslef on, Fragments of Rudolf Hess's Me110, a V1 and v2 rockets etc. http://london.iwm.org.uk/ The Wallace collection if you like medieval armor http://www.wallacecollection.org/ And the science museum in Kensington has a small collection of Airplanes, and a big collection of engines and models http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/ If you go to Duxford get there early. Acess to the Flight line closed last year at 11:30 I think. After that they kick everyone off and started the show. Bring a light jacket, even in summer it may still be chilly and windy out there. Here are some photos I took last year http://www.flickr.com/photos/23674941@N07/sets/72157621220882049/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/23674941@N07/sets/72157622280298754/ You really need a good 4 hours or so to get through the other hangers. And check out the repair shop hangers. They are usually open on the day of the show. There is also a bus service running from Cambridge station to the show if don't drive.
  2. Great! good news. Thanks, Michael
  3. Hi, Will Black Shark install and run on a vista 64 system? I know it's a 32 bit application and won't access all the RAM. I was just wondering if it would install and run? Thanks, Michael
  4. Hi, I have a small request/suggestion. When you do release Black shark I'm sure at some point there will be patches and updates. You could please keep the patch scheme/naming conventions simple? for example 1.0, 1.5, 2.0. And keep the patch pathway simple to understand and easy to use. For example as a user I should be able to simply see what the highest current version is and download that and apply it. Not something like "Use 1.12c patch but only if you down loaded from the web on the third Tuesday of the month. If you have the Cd version of 1.0A In Zawhili use the 1.13d version" No offense to the guys that wrote Lock-on. It's great program but the patch process is a bit exasperating at best. And if possible make the Patch a clean install. Or at least install to a new folder. That way if it breaks or something goes wrong the costumer can go back and play the the old version with out having to reinstall. As a former tech support manager these things will make your life as a company a lot easier and the customers a lot happier. thanks, Mike
  5. Hi, I think my mistake was believing what I read on the Sales page for Flaming cliffs. http://lockon.co.uk/index.php?end_pos=135&scr=products&lang=en "LOCK ON 1.1b: Flaming Cliffs The unofficial add-on for LOCK ON 1.1b: Flaming Cliffs is available for download! Flaming Cliffs may be installed over any version of Lock On: Modern Air Combat (1.0, 1.01, 1.02, English, French or German). Before installing Flaming Cliffs, it is suggested that you reinstall LO:MAC. LOCK ON 1.1b is protected by StarForce. Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista." Needless to say that's not exactly true. So I currently have Lock-on 1.02 up and running. If I install any version of Flaming cliffs , CD or download it breaks. What is the correct patch path? thanks, Mike
  6. Hi, well I know where it's breaking now. I reinstalled Lock on form my orginal 1.0 Disk. It worked at started up fine. I then applied the 1.1b flaming cliffs update I bought from the E-store downloads. And bingo it's broke with the same Graphicsxp.dll error. Was there something other patch I was supposed to apply in between them? Thanks, mike
  7. Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I tried changing the resolution and that didn't change anything. I also removed the video card driver and reinstalled an old one. Thanks, Mike
  8. Hi, I'm sure this is an old problem but I can't seem to find an answer. I had to reinstall Lock-on. So I un-installed it and delted any files that were left over, rebooted and reinstalled Lock on 1.0, from a CD, and then Flaming cliffs 1.1b, From the store bought Download) I went through the activation and that went ok. I start up Lock on and I get an error with the Graphicsxp.dll I also tried to start Lock on from the .bat file. I have reinstalled the graphics card drivers with the latest version and Directx 9.0c. my sytem is: Windows XP SP2 two Nividia 9600GT cards, (Not in a SLI configuration) 2 GB ram Direct X 9.0c If anyone has any ideas I would apperciate it. Thanks, Mike
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