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  1. I don't know how useful this would be. But, before even if I selected the low graphic present,my FPS would not improve one bit. I've tried to change the weather to just clear sky, no effect. I've tried to run a mission with 0 unit count, still nothing. It will simply stay around 50-80fps. And no, it's not because there's fps limiter somewhere. This should help you to identify the symptom.
  2. Since I didn't reinstall first then apply those steps later I can't really tell if any (or all) those steps contribute to the resolution of the problem or not. But it does somewhat align with other people findings (some people fixed the issue by alt+tab, playing around with VSYNC/GSYNC settings, etc. Hope it helps. Just keep trying.
  3. Guys. I've decided to pull the trigger and do a complete reinstall (all DCS related folders are removed). This did the trick for me and now the performance is back to what I've seen back in 2.5.6. Below are all the changes that I've tried before the re-installation based on the suggestions flying around in this forum 1) Turn off VSYNC both in-game and in NVCP 2) Set DCS maxfps = 180 in graphics.lua (previously I was running with 100fps) 3) Set Max frame rate in NVCP to 1000 (just need to make sure it's > than maxfps = 180) 4) Revert NVIDIA driver back to
  4. I believe this issue is common with non standard resolution setting. I'm having the same issue as well running with 2534 x 1426.
  5. ED can you please at least remove shadows.lua from the IC check?
  6. +1 on IADS working seemlessly with GCI to coordiate with air assets, providing interception course and setting threat priority.
  7. I've been pullling my hairs about this. I thought there's something wrong with my HOTAS that caused the intermittent stutter when slewing the TDC. This is really frustrating.
  8. Absolutely fantastic news. This issue is super annoying and it's like I have to babysit a bomb delivery every time by keeping everything slow while also turning.
  9. Don't forget ground rendering bug for data link cruise missile, but I guess this one is on ED and not Deka. Still, trying to do A/G at night is a nightmare because the contrast/gain/level contrast for D/L targeting is so damn coarse that literally a single click can swap the polarity from black to white so no night attacking for now.
  10. I also have the same issue. It happens every time in level bombing that employs overflying.
  11. ็Holy ****ing shit thanks a lot for your hard work. This is my number one concern when playing DCS especially if I'm doing helo or close-in ground pounding. Aesthetically, I never have any issue with how the trees look back in 1.5 but with the introduction of speedtrees ED just can't get it right. IL2 GB absolutely killed DCS in this area.
  12. Look at SyAAF Mig-21. There's no air force in the world that's incapable of putting on some Windex.
  13. No more smudges when looking at the mirror. Thank you so much!
  14. It's been reported since ages ago. ED is still working on it, allegedly. See https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=260918. This is the biggest reason that keeps me from playing Caucasus because how ugly the tree can look at certain conditions.
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