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  1. So something else I've been playing around with is a MAX7219 and some 7 segments (LA-301ML) a friend had left. I basically would have enough 7 segments to build the two 186 radios and the 164 radio. The only issue I have with these 7 segments are the pin spacings. The vertical spacing is 2mm the horizontal 5,3mm. So I would need to make my own PCB if I want to use them for the final build. This is just a test to check the output when turning the first frequency select knob. The dot is just to check if I understood the DP on/off programing.
  2. Not only is HMA Hansolo Mr. A-10 Spareparts of Denmark from today he also is my Dr. RS-485. So I've been having issues with the RS-485 bus and DCS Bios. Hans and me where sending emails back and forth until Hans made me the offer of making me a RS-485 shield, but using MAX487 instead, test it and then send it to me. The best thing all free of charge. So Hans I owe you one :thumbup: Hooked everything up today, flashed the Master sketch on a MEGA and the SLAVE sketch on a NANO using a USBtiny and then testing the MAsterCaution annunciatior. https://youtu.be/mC_WS7TEDdE As it worked
  3. Boltz I love your panels! We are making the back panels exactly the same and you are making the front panels the way I am planning to do them when I either buy a CNC router or source someone who has one. @Hansolo: Are you talking about the Rivnuts? I don't see any float nuts on the last couple of pictures. Search for Rivnuts or blind rivet nut on ebay. You'll get them cheap just make sure to buy a halfway decent puller. Cheers Sven
  4. Hansolo Mr. A-10 Spareparts of Denmark :lol: :thumbup:
  5. So I've been busy. This is Lynxs LH console assembled. For the start I am going without Lynxs DZUS replica profile (allthough it probably is the onyl correct way to go.) The Knobs are Deadmans 3d printed ones from Shapeways, except the ones on the Stall Volume panel. I've already sent my DXF files for the EMERG flight panel and Antenna panel to have them lasered. For the EMERG Flight panel I actually have sourced all original switches except for the Pitch and Roll Trim switch. I've contacted Thrustmaster for their HOTAS Trim switch and was able to buy one.
  6. Good morning everyone, I've been playing around with DCS Bios and the RS485 bus lately, but I can't get it to work. Ian already suggested that I load the sketeches onto the Arduinos using a ISP so I bought a USBTinyISP. It loads the Master and Slave sketches on the Mega2560s but the communication doesn't work when connected to a MAX485 board. Then I read that all MAX485 have to share GND, tried that still doesn't work. Anyone have an idea? Thanks and cheers Sven
  7. Received a parcel from Denmark today, basically my late Xmas present. Now even the last neighbour knows that I am a nerdy nerd:megalol: Looking forward to glue it together. First impression is top quality from Lynx:thumbup:
  8. Hi rocketeer, you aren't alone! I have the same issue you have.
  9. Hi Ian, just to let you know I orderd a USBtinyISP still can't get the RS485 working on two MEGAs. Cheers Sven
  10. I am pretty sure it's the Master sketch. I marked the Master MEGA this time just to be a 100% certain. As soon as I connect the USB the LED Pin 13 flashes a few times and then stays on. Only the TX Led is flashing on the Master.
  11. Master I tried TX1 and RX1 now, as I read that the MEGA uses TX0 and RX0 for the USB connections and coms. Pin2 goes to DE and RE of the rS485 Board Slave TX0 and RX0 are used on this one RS485
  12. Keep up the good work. I love it how you get your hands on original stuff!
  13. Hi Hans, thx for your reply. I've bought two extra MEGAs so I can try the RS485 Bus without having to connect to the already installed MEGA in my LH console. So this time I tried the folllowing Master /* Tell DCS-BIOS this is a RS-485 Master. You will need to flash this to a Mega 2560. */ #define DCSBIOS_RS485_MASTER /* Define where the TX_ENABLE signals are connected. You can connect up to three half-duplex RS-485 transceivers. Arduino Pin RS-485 Transceiver Pin TXn ------------------- DI (driver input) RXn ------------------- RO (Receiver Output) UARTn_TX
  14. So I've been playing around with the RS485 bus. I can't get it to work. So this would be my Master The Max485 connected to Pin2, TX0 and RX0 /* Tell DCS-BIOS this is a RS-485 Master. You will need to flash this to a Mega 2560. */ #define DCSBIOS_RS485_MASTER /* Define where the TX_ENABLE signals are connected. You can connect up to three half-duplex RS-485 transceivers. Arduino Pin RS-485 Transceiver Pin TXn ------------------- DI (driver input) RXn ------------------- RO (Receiver Output) UARTn_TXENABLE_PIN ---- /RE, DE (active low receiver enable, driver enab
  15. Hi RomeoKilo, I also wanted to go the PC PSU route. But still guessing around to how many watts the PSU should be able to supply? At the momement I am thinking 400w should be enough or not? Thanks and cheers Sven
  16. Hi everyone, I am currently planing my FM and AM radios. So for the frequencies I am going 7 segment with a MAX7219. Now I've been reading that your require capacitors, but the values seem to differ. So which values are you guys using ? Thanks and cheers Sven
  17. First of all I wish you guys a happy new year! So my Arduino MEGA is slowly filling up. I've been reading about the RS485 BUS. So I've found out that we require a MEGA to be the MASTER and any other Arduino my be the SLAVE. I've also found out that it is recommended to use a MAX487 or DS36276 over the MAX485. The questions I have now 1. Is there any good finished PCD or a plan using a MAX487? 2. Would any other Arduino in the BUS require an external power source? 3. I am currently not using TX (Pin1) and RX (Pin0) on my MEGA would I require any further pins? 4. Do we use half or f
  18. No worries Hans, your hint help with a different issue :thumbup:
  19. Thanks to a small hin from Hansolo the problem is solved. I don't know if it is the correct way but it worked. const byte fscpRcvrLeverPins[2] = {39,}; DcsBios::SwitchMultiPos fscpRcvrLever("FSCP_RCVR_LEVER", fscpRcvrLeverPins, 2);
  20. Thanks for your reply. So if I understand you correctly, an advantage of using a ON-ON switch with DCS-Bios, is that DCS-Bios actually knows in which position the switch is in without having to cycle it once you started DCS? With the downside of requiring one more pin on your ARduino? As an example you left fuel CROSS FEED in the ON position and leave DCS World, then restart the game. Nothing would normally happen because the game resets the switch to CROSS FEED OFF (in game) put on your panel it is actually still in ON. But I still think you misunderstood my question. I just
  21. Hi guys, is it actually possible to invert a switch within DCS Bios or its Arduino programing? For an example I've wired up the Aerial Refueling Slipway Control Lever switch as normally open. Having it in normally open makes the lever move to closed in DCS instead of open, when activated. Yes I know I could just reconnect the switch to be normally closed, but it don'T have enough space for that. Thanks and cheers Sven
  22. Just a quick question Let's for example take a MS24523-23 which is a ON-ON switch. For us using DCS-BIOS wouldn't also also be possible to use a MS24523-22 which is a OFF-On switch? Or is there a difference in the travel angle between ON-ON and OFF-On? Thanks and cheers Sven
  23. So it's been a while since I've posted something. For me the racing season ended so now it's time for the sim again. Unfortunatly fabtools.de stopped business, so I am looking for a new company that lasers aluminium for a reasonable price. I am still stuck with having no frontplates and I am thinking about have some made without backlight option to start of with. I am not pleased with my console as it has a "rip" in the way for my Intercom panel to be installed correctly, so I just ordered the newly designed consoles from lynxdk. Thanks to Deadman one of my panels actually doesn't
  24. Thanks to the help of Hansolo I finished version 2.0 of my fuel panel. It basically is a copy of his. At the moment the L-Profile is screwed to the backplate, but it'll be riveted later. Cheers Sven
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