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  1. Hmm what about other stuff like emergency Gear (& hook) used - cannot be reset (includes NWS) - Jester decides to eject - no new Jester or canopy on repair Engine FIre - flames seem to remain "glowing" after repair Flaps (over G) They dont seem to be repaired by ground crew
  2. Personally as pilot I only use flares and I leave chaff to jester. To defeat radar guided missiles I try to be more precise with my flying (notching, hill etc.) Jester does drop chaff, its just he is quite conservative with it. Chaff in DCS is really effective in perfect notch anyway, it doesn't do much if your position is wrong (eg. its useless if you above enemy)
  3. @Taz1004exactly that. Anyway to disable it?
  4. Su27 is by far best modelled in FC3 pack. And its a fun plane, even though a bit lacking firepower vs F18,F16 (but its 80s tech vs 2000s)
  5. Thank you for clarification. Considering its FC3 plane than, probably sooner we would see FC4 than any updates to this module...
  6. Sometimes for me I have to "sync" my controls with ingame inputs. Just move throttle forwards and full back. Otherwise game thinks throttle is in middle even though my hotas is full back
  7. is that override limiter even working in mig29a?
  8. Airbreak do not deploy with gear down
  9. I made a thread in Supercarrier Bug section, please if you can provide track (no MODS!) with this bug, please post it there
  10. Thats why I suggested Dubai Palm Islands or Flood area north of Qeshm Island. Seem much more interesting and more survivable for helicopters than open seas
  11. Hmm I never had an issue with sling loading (surprisingly) and in cases where i did crash it was 100% my fault so... I love slingloading now, and frankly I wish there would be more of it Adds something different and quite rare in multiplayer, with lots of pressure, making successful haul much more satisfying. I would say its a fair challenge to unlock "premium" planes like F14 or Mig29. Maybe some mission to capture crate from middle of map? @AlpenwolfWhat about idea of new mission marines oriented. Take some map with lots of water and islands (Persian Dubai Palm islands perhap
  12. Or is there easy way to disable it?
  13. Top crate in the radio list is the closest one. You can activate crate some distance away and smoke will pop up marking activated crate. To hook it you need to be very close to crate if landed, like 1-2m or directly above it and hover it for like 5-10s. You can activate sling load "graph" to help you align if hovering. or you can also look out of window. There are bindings in controls for those two options
  14. Hmm I slingload on that mission multiple times as Blue and Red. I never had any problems with it, except when I had multicrew in my UH1, but I think its visual glitch only. and Nalchik is red at mission start
  15. Mod is awesome, it just looks amazing, but I have I question. @Taz1004 Whats with the ring of dust smoke around unit when it dies? Its not there in vanilla and i think it looks a bit silly when in tank on tank engagement. In vanilla tank simply takes on fire and start burning while, with mod it takes fire and "explodes" with dust smoke around it. I think dust smoke should appear when unit actually explodes and turns into wreak.
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