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  1. I was in a mp session yesterday, but not Iran reactor strike mission (don't know if that is a special mission). We were flying on the PG though. I had point track and area track working. It turned out though it only works unter certain conditions: Only at decent angles, it felt like 8 to 4 o'clock and well away from masking. area track started to work for me at about 15-20nm distance and laser had to be on. Point track only worked in WHOT mode, sadly because the contrast is way better in BHOT mode.
  2. Don‘t get why that is better. I mean it was not like Ed was asking themselves kn May: Do we release it complete or are we withholding a lot of the features. It takes time. And if you don’t enjoy the Hornet you can put it aside, let the others enjoy it in the meanwhile, pick it up in 2020 again when it’s complete. While I agree it’s nice to have it almost complete on day 1, I don’t get why we are still bashing on EA modules which are not complete. I found the Hornet in a pretty nice state when it got out. What I didn’t like that much was the harrier, but instead of telling razbam to stop releasing half baked modules, I just don’t buy them anymore ok day 1, but let people enjoy them in that state if they do. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  3. If that's true, that would be great. Otherwise would be very boring as Pilot if you as act as AFAC with a human RIO
  4. MKay


    This I am interested in as well. With the TGP being ready on the A10C I wonder how much work it might be to hook it up to a hornet. Are we looking at easy to implement and might get it in a month or two or is it just easier than the ATFLIR and will get it this summer instead of spring 2020 like the ATFLIR.
  5. As much as I'd like to fly the tomcat, I want to cut HB some slack. Comming for the Software Industries myself I can tell you Software can be a ****. HB is exploring new water with the tomcat and its systems. In development there is always going something wrong. I guess we could have had the tomcat in summer this year, which wouldn't be that much later than promised. Do you guys really think ED would allow the Tomcat to be released this close after the Hornet? People would possibly buy the tomcat over the hornet. But what could heatblur do instead of just waiting? Yeah keep developing new features. At least that what I thought when they teased us with the LATRIN image - a new feature. But then a point comes where ED is ok with releasing a competetive module to the hornet, which is roughly about a half year later. So time for HB to wrap the development up and polish the current state. And my guess is they are doing this right now. The only thing I would like to see them change is being more open, about their next steps. But I dont know all the factors, maybe a release for 2018 is still on the table. So I expect HB to communicate the next steps as soon as they figure it out.
  6. Seen the Yak 42 a few month before release in Waggs video and also the Hind. This ist just a running gag and I wouldn't put any meaning or hope in this. That being said, I'd love to be wrong and get the tomcat in 2018 as well, but I wouldn't get peoples hope up. They didn't show the RIO cockpit in the stream because it wasnt polished yet. They said they would make a stream in the RIO cockpit. Also they said they will soon be delivering the preview version to the youtubers. So there are at least 2 more stages we will have to overcome until release. I doubt they will skip these and just release it. But again, I hope I am wrong :)
  7. Thanks for answering that. I am excited to try that myself :) We could just not call it data cartridge but "Jesters startup waypoint sheet" :) But either way. I am happy we can navigate potently from day 1
  8. Thanks! Are you guys having any plans or are you considering adding a data cartridge feature? Textfile based with just the waypoints would be great, to not enter the waypoints manually via jester. Since in MP or open templates you have no mission editor waypoints you could set prior to takeoff. Tomcat hyped regards, MKay
  9. Thanks. I did actually read that before. So I guess I should have know it has INS. But what I am wondering is how the instrument for using the INS looks like. After watching the last stream from heatblur I spotted Jester menu entries: - Select Waypoint - Add Waypoint from coordinate - Add Waypoint from Map I am curious how this actually works. But since the RIO is also a playable position, I cant stop to wonder how the INS Device looks like in cockpit. Maybe I might spot something where the RIO cockpit will be streamed. But Thanks for the quick answers :)
  10. Hey, I read the NATOPS document for the F14A/B which stated the F-14 got an CDNU which looks similar to the CDU of the A10C. However I couldn't see any device like this in the Cockpit so far. As I then learned, this was part of an upgrade program for the F-14, so my guess is we get the pre upgraded version without the CDNU. Now to my main question: Anyone know what kind of navigation system the F-14 had piror to the CDNU? Or was it "just" TACAN Navigation without any GPS/INS what so ever? I couldnt find anything so far - but I really like navigation systems :P Thanks, MKay
  11. +1 for ED and thanks for this thread. I mostly read on the forums and Facebook and I find it sad how much crap the community gives ED for what ever they do. So I am glad people appreciate the works ED does und I can only follow by saying: Thanks ED, keep up the good work. The voices of the never happy people are sadly mostly louder than the happy appreciating ones. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  12. No it’s not. I has to be something different. Adv means advisery, so it’s not a warning which trips the master caution. Also it’s mentioned in the natops, it means you reseted the fcs. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  13. I was able to get it working after I realized it needs master arm to be on arm Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  14. Yes. Had it twice. But I remember I exceeded the maximum probe speed of 300kias When I extended it below 300 and after refueling retracted it before accelerating above 300 it worked for me. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  15. Yes. Guess one of two things. 1. Its getting close :pilotfly: 2. All we F5 Spammers, me including, overload the servers :lol:
  16. I get your point. Sure the Hornet will have some bugs, but if no one finds the bugs, ED can't fix them. So I will gladly help to point out some bugs and give ED a chance to correct them. Even though after watching the PR-Videos I am quire surprised how well the Hornet seems to work. When I was watching Wags videos I was thinking he might know the edges and work around them to let it look finished. I am a software developer myself and I do this myself in a demonstration of a software in an early state. But I couldn't find any major issues in the normal you tubers videos either. For the feature part, I think ED made the perfect move. It has way more features than other modules entering EA. Maybe its an attitude thing, because I am not the kind who jumps in the jet and just blows off stuff, I want to do it right and rarely deploy weapons. Also I like the approach of getting to know the jet in its current state, learn the flight model and normal procedures for t/o and landing and then as ED releases new features I know the basics and I can concentrate on learning the newly released feature. This way, I imagine, I will some day know all about the hornet and its features and not just the ones I need to blow up stuff, or features I didn't know existed. But maybe thats just me. So I say ED: :thumbup:
  17. MKay

    Data Cartridge

    Yes. +1 For me a simple text file in the saved games folder with some special Formated content would surfice me. So the hornets loads the content of the file into the mission computer (if it exists, otherwise use mission editor values). Waypoints, sequences and maybe counter measure programs would fine with me. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  18. Yes, if you have the AP engaged the autopilot stby works as a standby for the AP and you can manoeuvre the aircraft manually. Let it go and the AP engages again and holds the attitude/heading/alt whatever you chose. If you disengage the AP completely (all AP lights off) then the Autopilot stby button works as trim reset for me. So: Disenage Autopilot Press autopilot stby. Trim should be reset to neutral. If you are on the ground with a trim other than neutral the AP warns you. Tone + red light in the annunciator panel. press autopilot stby on the ground and the light and tone go away. Steps to reproduce: Startup the AC trim the ac on the ground See the light and hear the tone press AP STBY Tone and light should be gone because trim is now reset to neutral PS: I have only checked the ground behaviour. This is still as described. Haven't tried midair trim reset this way in the new patch. in 1.5.7 and 2.3 it still works this way.
  19. For me the autopilot standby button works as trim reset if the autopilot is off (no green nor yellow light)
  20. Hi, I am currently trying to achieve a simple BFM Mission. I have a Group with 2 Aircrafts on the Airfield with a predefined route. The Group is on "late activate". First I tried cloneGroup, but I does not spawn the aircrafts in the exact same parking spot nor does it copy the route 100% (altitude and speeds missing). So I tried respawn group. Everything looks perfect so far. With one minor issue. When I try to get the Group with Group.getByName('name') and then get its Units, there are no units in this group... even though I see the units taking off. The groupName is the same as the group with late activation, so my guess is its getting the late activation group and not the newly spawned one. I also tried to destroy the group on start up, but then again, on respawn the parking spots are not the same. Maybe I can get the correct group by its groupId, but I can't seem to find any function that gets me the group by its id. Anyone any ideas? Thanks, MKay
  21. Found a quick fix, I think. If you have 1.5 installed go to: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\P-51D\Cockpit\Shape (your installation path may differ) And copy this file to the same folder in DCS 2.1 First tests seemed to work. Integrity check for MP is still valid. No sure if this brakes anything else.
  22. Hello, not sure if its been reported yet. Yesterday we found out a little bug. If you want to defuel your mirage on the ground while engine is off, the crew waits to infinity. As soon as the engine runs, the crew is defueling as requested. Thanks for the nice module and best, MKay
  23. Thanks:) Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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