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  1. RED

    Mirage F1 hype

    Nice photos posted. We definetly need those Draken paintings:
  2. Hey I am unable to change the elevation in RWS after using TWS AUTO/MAN. Switching back to TWS I can adjust the elevation again in MAN, however it's still stuck in RWS. The track doesn't show two MiGs that are spawned via script but shows the bug correctly for me. ScanElevation2.trk
  3. Incredible progress!
  4. So uh... When will it be announcend? What versions? Looking forward to it! P.S. I am guessing here.
  5. Search modes (e.g. RWS) that are meant to detect objects at long range usually have the radar stabilized to the horizon, not only in pitch but also in roll. The reason for this is that it disconnects the searched volume from the attitude of the aircraft. So the pilot can easily visualize the searched volume and possible hits as well as doesn't have to adjust the radar with attitude changes like Donglr already explained. In some submodes even azimuth is disconnected from the aircraft attiude (not implemented yet in the Hornet). In modes (ACM modes) where the pilot is meant to alread
  6. If you have a track or video, check the quantity of bombs in the selected program. If it is 0, there will be no release but a ready indication. That might be a different bug in itself.
  7. Awesome stuff! Wish you all the best for development.
  8. Hey there, would you be so kind and check again if that information is correct? There seems to be a misunderstanding somewhere. Thanks
  9. Probably still relevant: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-world-2-5/bugs-and-problems-ai/weapon-issues/261391-acknowledged-laser-maverick-can-track-through-clouds
  10. That's not what the USMC or Navy or NATO does. If both hoses are working, the first aircraft goes to the right and the second one (usually the wingman) goes to the left hose. That's because the overall flow is from left to right. It's pretty annoying that you can't use the real flow in DCS or have to call the tanker in an inverted order.
  11. They can likely only update it when also including other bug fixes with it, e.g. currently it is not wind corrected so it doesn't match the ASL.
  12. The tanker have lights that illuminate the fuselage. In DCS they are not modeled. The engine did not allow it in the past but as far as I know it should be possible right now. Be sure to have the little light on the probe on. That is working right now.
  13. Copy, I see the error now. The field is auto-completing the user name.
  14. When saving the account settings i get this error despite the email address matching or no new email entered.
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