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  1. The problem is in ED. I've checked some facts and here they are. Nobody, I mean NOBODY must not make any marker on F10 map. If so, viggens will drop out. It realy doe s not matter who makes markers.
  2. Ok. I've checked again. F10 map must not have ANY, I mean literally any mark made by anyone. If someone will make a mark in F10 map, viggens will drop out .
  3. I've checked. No problem with kneeboard. BUT Since I don't do marking in F10 maps I believe, markers in general make CTD no matter who made them. This is the only reason why I've got CTDs.
  4. I've never made any point on a map after 2.7. As the matter of fact, I never use navigation system cause in general, it is not needed. I only use kneeboard with marking position. Could this be issue also?
  5. Hey Tiger, viggen is useless currently. It has CTD. Already confirmed by many players. Please test on your mission if viggen is playable in MP because on some server it is playable, on some don't. Check post below.
  6. Viggen CTD after 2.7 update. What does this mean for tomorrow limited edition?
  7. This is serious. Viggen is currently unusable in MP. It goes CTD. If there is no hotfix, will event still be?
  8. Did I miss something or there are no helos?
  9. @mustang51d, that was dare move, going vertical on me I did saw you comming up and was little scared . Did mi-8 suffer any damage because of this tail slide?
  10. Thanky ou. this will be fun to watch.
  11. As my friend said: mi-8 is a damn good for a2a along with rear sniper gunner. I've enjoyed a lot. Does anyone has a tacview of the event?
  12. Maverick, nobody is blaming. And I was enjoying. Just putting on paper things from my perspective. I can't help if people reads text on forums and automatically take it as total negativism. I believe someone with so high self valuing will not accept anything. I understand that.
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