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  1. It's revolutionary guard, lots of differences between these 2 words!!
  2. Atooyi

    No trim

    You're right, it shows on FCS page that on the ground, in the air with both gears and flaps down and up, trim affects the stab and plane changes her behaviour, but it does not change on controls indicator and it changes slower than other modules edit: P.S: so I think it's more of a different logic than a bug on FCS, it might be a bug on control indicator but not on FCS
  3. Atooyi

    No trim

    I definitely have issues with trim hat when bind to keyborad, it simply does not work at all, or maybe 100 times slower than other modules!!! Edit: P.s: trim wouldn't make much issues in air, but when it comes to landings it makes it really hard to keep the correct AOA
  4. At first, I wasn't really happy about getting an incomplete version of f/a-18A for EA, and as stated sometimes before I was not going to buy it, BUT When I saw the level of detail and the amount of work done on this bird, it totally changed my mind. I raise my hat to you ED and Belsimtek, you guys did a great job on the hornet, and I'm really looking forward to using those other capabilities planned for after EA!!!
  5. :megalol:I'm going to grab some popcorns and watch people crashing into decks and shooting friendlies down in multiplayer servers tonight instead of flying myself !!!:megalol::megalol:
  6. me, me, me, me!!! Thursdays and Fridays are weekends here, 3 days in a row to screw up carrier landings!!!!
  7. I was going to do those skins but then I heard of an Iranian team working on all of those skins, who knows maybe ED adds them later.
  8. both sides definitely need some love with their assets, especially on the southern part of PG, we already have a couple of IRIAF and IRGS textures and repaints, so some it would be really nice to have RSAF and UAEAF and other nations of PG assets.
  9. yup, but middle east is best known for its religious proxy wars and conflicts, plus unfortunately many people take this game too seriously and this may start a rage on the forum, I totally understand why ED avoided these buildings.
  10. Dubai Abu-Dhabi and Bandar abas, they all have a great potential to turn into a great civilian helicopter operation playground, I think it would be really nice if we had a server just for some random civilian tasks for helicopters around and inside the major cities of the map.
  11. On the Iranian side, I'm pretty sure there's at least one HAWK battery in khark island, and maybe one or two of Russian long-range air defences which I'm not sure if they're placed on the island or stationed somewhere else (maybe s200, some rumours even say s300 which I am not able to confirm at all!!!). I also heard about some air defences on Abu-Musa, but I can't confirm any of them.
  12. just submit a ticket and they will do it, the support is really fast, friendly and helpful all times, but today ED is pretty busy, so they might not answer you as fast, as usual, same happened to me today, I submitted a ticket to gift a lovely f-5 to my friend as his birthday gift, but it took more than usual which is understandable as ED is pretty busy today, so expect that. remember only gifting is allowed as long as I know.
  13. yep, I do know, that's why I waited so I can purchase PG with those bonus points.
  14. I'm pretty sure some eras of Iran-Iraq war, tomcats used Shiraz "shahid Doran AFB" as their base for their regular CAPs over the Persian Gulf, although as long as I know nowadays it's only home of su24, c130 and Il-76 squadrons ( and I think sometimes fitters and FrogFoots of IRGS, not sure about this one). there are some photos of Doran AFB 2017 airshow in this forum http://www.aerospacetalk.ir/vb/showthread.php?t=59981 But Kerman is more of a reserve AFB, and I never heard of AF using it lately.
  15. wow, that's deep inside Iran, in fact, my hometown in 4 hours of driving away from Shiraz.
  16. I just opened a ticket on the site, it's shows submitted but never goes into my ticket lists. edit:never mind found it
  17. I'll buy it right after the end of pre-purchase, using my f/a-18 bonus points, I saved money for this map a long time ago...
  18. :D:D I'm already working in the family business of metal structures, and trust me, most of the courses I passed in the university are worth nothing if I consider the useable knowledge they gave me!!!
  19. well, right in the middle my final exams!!! hard to choose between courses to fail this semester, because choosing my exams over hornet is not an option!!!!:D:D:D:D :pilotfly:
  20. no worries, probably they're just 2 kettles boiling water for your tea :)
  21. it better be before 19th, or I'm going to fail half of my final exams this semester !!!:cry::cry:
  22. there are plenty of Iranian DCS users and even couple of real word airforce pilots ( they might not be able to help due to some problems with Airforce MP services, they don't like trouble at all ) that can help developers on this topic. although I'm pretty sure it's not a popular topic among most DCS users as Iranian users of DCS are small in number.
  23. I'm used to seeing these confusions :) happens all the times :smartass:
  24. yes they do speak Farsi, it's also called Persian, as far as I know, they're both the same language just different name!!!
  25. Same issue here but a little bit different Sometimes I hear the RWR sound just for a part of seconde, no matter if I use the RAE or not, it just changes the sounds, had this issue even before installing RAE
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