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  1. My throttle and stick were all modded by Ian years ago, new gimbals and sensors,,, I think I paid about $600 way back then,,,
  2. I still have a Cougar myself, sold the stock one last year, still have a modded one by Ian now collecting dust as I purchased new Virpil HOTAS,,, Cougar and Foxy software is still awsum!
  3. @Viperrg Thank you, I have not seen that one before, and it looks really good! many thanks @doomie Thanks to you as well,,, I did stumble upon that in my continued search after this post, and I started cropping some of the images to make a collection of consolidated ones,,, many thanks for the link sir! @Mars Exulte You make a very good point! I have been focusing on specifics and your correct,, I shouldnt really have to. Thank for the tip!
  4. I struggle to commit to memory what the description of any given ground target I may see in the TGP to be able to call out what I am targeting. I have been looking for an all inclusive, condensed, pictorial reference chart that I can quickly glance at to be sure I know what I am looking at. I can not seem to find anything yet. I have found some very handy charts for the RWR Symbols identifications, but they obviously dont incorporate ground units like BMP's and different types of tanks etc. Can anyone steer me to a location that may provide this type of quick reference chart? Also, as much as I would appreciate the advice, please dont recommend that I study any material to commit it to memory. I have been doing this for alot of years, and for sake of argument, it just doesnt stick, so its not that I'm lazy, but thanks. Thanks in advance.
  5. Honestly, i havnt even used the Mavericks on the Viper to date, So I dont know about that, will have to test that out as well.
  6. at least i can adjust the radar curser in DCS Axis options, cant to anything apparently for the HARM curser within DCS
  7. I dont have a Warthog, I have a Virpil, but my point is, is there no software (curve) adjustment in DCS Control Options to adjust the slew rate for the HARM Curser?
  8. I am using a microstick on my throttle and it works just fine for the RADAR curser as I have the option to adjust its curves using "RDR Curser Switch" X & Y Axis in DCS Controls Options. When I go from Air to Air mode to Air to Ground, and bring up the HARMs page, the curser speed is way too responsive and I want to tone it down I cant find any adjustment options or any other posts relative to this question. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
  9. ah, ok,,, and I appreciate the tip. Thank you and thank you for your contribution to the community sir!
  10. Thank you very much for this utility! I have been fiddling with it and I believe I have a misconception? There does not appear to be any means to select the ability to omit the OEM kneeboard files from popping up when I open the Kneeboard. in other words, Im trying to make do when I open up the Kneeboard in game, all I get are the custom pages I created. Is that possible with this utility?
  11. Insert theme for Jaws here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. Thank you for this! I just stumbled across it,,, many thanks!
  13. You might have missed something because you didnt read the posts related to your question,,, they will likely shut this one down for the same reason.
  14. Thats interesting! And not hard to fathom considering todays condition,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  15. Oh Boy! Wonder how long before this gets shut down? The well is dry boys!
  16. Its not "new" at all, as docWilly stated. If you are just recently experiencing it, then that is really odd!
  17. The release notes mention "- Some FPS struggles in certain areas of them map, optimizations are on going" amongst other key notes
  18. in other words, Discord is a horrible place to get specific updates on anything because of all the mixed garbage you would have to sift through to get the points of what information you would be looking for.
  19. Thats the fundamental point that some folks dont seem to understand. Thats what I dont understand,,,,, moving along.
  20. 200% agree with that RONiN! Im not going to go hunting myself,,, SOOOO inefficient!
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