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  1. I always do an Autostart (for the sake of this post). When I enable "Altitude Hold" It is clearly indicated as on in the Control Overlay, I always engage it when its within the appropriate parameters, and it seems to chug along just fine. When the terrain ahead of me starts to increase in elevation, I would expect the Altitude hold to maintain that altitude? it does not? If I let it go, it will run right into the ground at level flight? The Autopilot switch is up and so are the SAS switches, and so is the Altitude Hold switch. Speed is typically around 200 KPH with "0" on the velocity indicato
  2. What driver? For what device? And what DCS settings are you referring to?
  3. LOL,, Im still not used to this new forum either,,, just caught this myself. Thanks for the response though,, ,always a great help on these matters!
  4. Sorry guys, I never received any notifications that this was responded to till now? I already sold one on ebay, the other modded one I will sell once I get my Vipil sometime early this year. And I have no idea what the process is to ship out of the united states if I were to do that?
  5. Thats a good question. I had an incident yesterday where I let someone in, and all he did was empty the gun
  6. Thanks for the response, but I dont see any keybinds to change that say "Mouse Look"? I searched for "Mouse and didnt come up with anything relevant? Perhaps it is called something else? In addition, I haven't seen any responses regarding what : Camera Transpose Mode? Enable Visual Recon Mode? Thanks,
  7. Im also interested in populating a Huey Server list, at the moment, mainly for experimenting with the multicrew performance, so as to not interrupt more serious operations. Any more recommendations anyone? Thanks.
  8. Well, I cant find the mouse Y setting that is controlling the gun up/down binding so I can invert it? The mouse is not assigned to it from what I can see, yet it moves it?
  9. Hmm,,, I see. It seems this approval or denial can NOT be accomplished thru voice attack then huh? Mouse only, so you need to take your hand off the stick and work the mouse
  10. I am trying get an understanding of the Hueys Gunner options and can not find the explanations in the DCS guide or Chucks guide when I search for them. In the DCS Huey Options, you can select: Huey Sim Huey TrackIR Gunner Huey Gunner Not sure what the differences are between the last two, nor can I find an explanation for the options within those options: Camera Transpose Mode? Enable Visual Recon Mode? For starters, all I was trying to do is invert the mouse Y axis while I was attached to the door gunner, tinkering aro
  11. I think I follow, so if im in the left seat and request control, in what manner does the right seater approve or deny? Does a menu pop up for him to do so? If so, is there a binding for those actions? Im trying to setup voice attack before I join any servers that are accommodating this. Thanks,
  12. Where is the "Take Over Control" key bind located? I found the "Request Aircraft Control". Search didnt find it?
  13. This all sounds awesome so far! Havnt tried it yet myself, but look forward to it! Thanks ED
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