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  1. Gauge and instrument lights Does anybody else have this problem? Ever since I installed the A-10C II the interior gauge and instrument lights do not turn on. This is happening with the A-10C and A-10C II both are up and running and all the dials are turned all the way up but all the lights are off.
  2. I just got the F-16 and I'm setting up my HOTAS and I can not find the command to to set up the Noise Wheel Steering to HOTAS like on the F-18. Thanks for any help
  3. Have a problem since last update. Super Carrier Case 3 III landing Radios frequencies set properly when I say Inbound reply is "305 go to Alternate". Seems to be contacting USS Arleigh Burke 7:17:18.739 305, go to alternate 7:05:12.990 TX2 | COMM2: ARC-210 AM 305.000 MHz: no tuned units. 7:17:07.778 Recipient for ATC set by call contents. 7:17:07.778 Identified unit: USS Arleigh Burke IIa with id 16777728 7:17:07.777 Getting selected unit for category ATC 7:17:07.777 Have result, identified as command: Inbound 7:17:07.777 Captured sentence: inbound 7:17:07.774 Recognized : 'inbou
  4. It has nothing to due with the money. I don't have the F-14 I purchased the Pro because thought it would include automatic future upgrades like other software I have. No be deal, I fly only in VR and love their product. :thumbup:
  5. I purchased the Pro for the SC I guess I should have waited for the SC to be released, not happy but I have no choice but to purchase it.
  6. I you already have a PRO license will we get Realistic ATC? At their sight if you purchase the Pro it comes with Realistic ATC.
  7. Vailcom is not working with the Super Carrier If you have the Pro version is the Realistic ATC extension included and when will it be released. The Super Carrier is the main reason I purchased the Pro version.
  8. Well that seem to be a waist of time just the USS Stennis and no Deck crew Found them under F-18 missions
  9. Thanks it will be my next purchase when they are available.
  10. Is 3 pieces of plywood required? In the PointCtrl Calibration Demo it does not show it being used.
  11. I downloaded a second copy of DCS Openbeta to a different drive the the first one is for VR and I want to use the second for my 2 monitors. With the monitor install I can have DCS running and YouTube on the other for learning. The problem is that both the second copy over wrote the Save Games DCS.Openbata folder. I now have 2 DCS.openbata folders I call "DCS.openbata VR" and "DCS.openbata NV". I need to keep removing the VR or NV from the folders depending which one I'm using. Is there any way to change the Saved Games DCS.openbeta name or have it sent to another folder? I hope I'm explai
  12. I tried https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=242134 but could not get it to work most likely I'm installing it incorrectly still learning. Could you give more detailed instruction on how to install it. Used mainly for ATC replies and JTAC, fly mostly in VR.
  13. Yes added scratchpad and playback... profile to the list of daisy chained profiles, in the profile options for VAICOM Pro. It would be nice if someone could post all the files needed and in which directories and folders they should be placed in, then we can double check that they are in the correct folders and if any are missing.:book:
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