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  1. Make sure to have fully working navigational equipment that is SYNCHRONIZED during multi-crew front/ rear seat (multiplayer) sessions
  2. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect
  3. @Vibora Thanks for the quick response! Are you able to confirm that we will be able to use the ADF to navigate to NDB's within multi-crew in a future update? The C101 is an amazing aircraft and full functionality between front seat & back seat in the multi-crew is HIGHLY sought by thousands of customers. Hopefully this full functionality between front and rear seat will come soon. Thanks again for your response, there is a large group of current and future customers awaiting an update from your great team at AvioDev.
  4. @Vibora Can anyone confirm the following? - The ADF does not function in the Instructor (Rear Seat) of the C101-CC during multiplayer sessions Is the ability to use the ADF receiver during multi-crew not yet implemented? The ADF receiver is functioning properly in single-player modes in BOTH Front and Rear Seats of the C101CC -Thanks for any info
  5. Actually, I've noticed improvements on my old machine with 2 GTX 1080's instead of one. On that machine I had about a 25% increase in framerate using SLI. Currently using a 2080 Ti 11G OC and its great, but do think that if there was a second one in the system there would be performance gains, especially at 4K resolutions...
  6. Hiya ! @BIGNEWEY et, all.. Any update on correcting this issue? As mentioned before, VR users (ALL HMD TYPES) have the following issues: 1.) Shadows or parts of shadows only shown in one eye (left) or (right) at certain angles. 2.) Clouds or sections of clouds only shown in one eye (left) or (right) (2a) Clouds affected by this are those clouds located furthest from user / player point of view. (2b) Clouds near to user/player are both shown on both eyes. If this is a culling issue then please create a slider in the graphics options to simply allow
  7. Rudel, you are a life saver, thank you so much Sir! I am an idiot for not checking that.. I was thinking what in the world am I doing wrong... I must have placed / removed/ installed / changed so many things that I was almost about to do a "DCS Repair"... Thank you again! :pilotfly::smartass::thumbup:
  8. Unable to Choose / Select MOD aircraft in Mission Editor @BlackLibrary and everyone! First off I want to thank you all who made this mod possible, there are so many good things about it that I look forward to. My problem as posted above is that I am absolutely UNABLE to load any "Military Aircraft Mod" aircraft into the mission editor. This does not matter if it is a static object or an AI aircraft, nothing shows up in the list (other than what is already preloaded in the default P-3C Orion quick start mission. Please take a look at my following screenshot att
  9. Hiya Muas, These black flickering lines / splotches are most likely due to your video card (GPU) approaching its memory limit (or) it is at 99 -100% of GPU usage and the card is having a difficulty rendering effectively. As you saw, when you disabled MSAA, you gave your video card a lighter load to render / calculate and allowed the graphics to render normally.
  10. Thanks Mustang!!!! This fix works (it does remove the depth perception problem with the milkyway overlay by simply removing the overlay milkyway texture layer ) (Also) Having a 100% overcast layer set (AND) flying under the overcast layer at night also prevents the user from seeing the disorienting milkyway cube texture... until you fly above the overcast layer and see the texture problem. Obviously this prevents you from seeing things such as stars, the moon, etc at night.
  11. Hi Rudel! Thanks for the quick reply and help! :smartass:
  12. Hello everyone, I'm building a completely new computer (Happy Times!) :pilotfly: - I do NOT have access to my previous dead DCS computer that was running the current 2.5.6 beta. - I did NOT deactivate any DRM on my previous DCS computer. ____________________________________________________ Question 1. Is there any way via the ONLINE: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/licensing/licenses/ Webpage to deactivate the DRM ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 2) 2
  13. It's realistic! :smartass::thumbup:
  14. VR flying requires ACTUAL positional and situational awareness flying technique. This is why it is laughable watching guys that use Track-Ir with the "insta-180 rear view" controlling the aircraft while going back and forth from left to right rearward views in 1/100th of a second (ahem,. Growling Sidewinder :-P ) and other guys using Track-IR. Track IR WAS a stop-gap means to add some level of immersion to the simulation experience but it is COMPLETE ARCADE / GAME MODE when compared to having the need to actually move your body in the cockpit to maintain visual ID on a target that is n
  15. Please DO explain what you have encountered with your XTAL in detail here for all of us to understand. Thanks!
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