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  1. The 7700k is about 40€ cheaper than the 6700k and the better chip.


    I would not buy Z170 and 6700k as of now as you get better performance out of the box for the same money with Z270/7700k combo.


    It also sports a few more PCIe lanes and some other extras you might find usefull later on.


    I am returning all my stuff for RMA and try to make the switch to Z270/7700k as well, would even cause a payback into my pocket:)


    I just found out, that a Z720 + 7700k system is a bit more expensive than the Z710 + 6700K, but only a few couple of bugs. I also read, that the architecture of 7700k is similar to 6700k, but the overclocking ability of 7700k is much better.


    So an alternative could be 7700k + MSI Z270I GAMING PRO CARBON


    I just wonder, that MSI specifies 2 x 3.1 USB outputs on the front, while the Thermatake case has 2 x 3.0 USB connectors. Will I run into problems here?

  2. After some further research, I tweaked the system a little bit...


    Case: Thermaltake Core V1 Snow Edition

    Board: ASUS Z170I PRO GAMING

    CPU: I7-6700K

    GPU: GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming

    Cooling: Noctua NH-D15

    RAM: Corsair DIMM 32GB DDR4-3000 Kit

    SSD1: ADATA Premier Pro SP900 2,5" SSD 128 GB for Windows

    SSD2: Samsung MZ-75E500B 500 GB for DCS

    HD: Seagate ST2000DM001 2 TB

    Power-Supply: Enermax Platimax 80 Plus (750W) - to be safe


    The GPU is a bit better, also the CPU-cooling. Upgrade to 32GB as proposed by dburne. Downgrade on mainboard. Two SSD´s to run DCS on SSD.


    Still appreciating any ideas for improvement.





  3. Dear all,


    after being involved into sims for a very long time, I did quit playing sims in 2009 due to a lot of work, marriage, kids etc.


    Last year I started to return to DCS, being overwhelmed from the development of the past years. Since my wife has been shocked by the size of my former PC (big tower), I decided to go for a gaming laptop. I bought an ASUS Asus ROG G752VY-GC084T / Intel Core i7-6700HQ / 16GB RAM / GTX980M Laptop which works very well for DCS (having TrackIR4 and Hotas Warthog).


    For several month I have studied the development of VR and since the next generation of VR-glasses will take some time, I am willing to invest into an Oculus Rift by now.


    My Laptop runs fine, but with my current setup the frame rate can drop from 75 down to 30/40 entering a hard-fought battlefield.


    Therefore I think, my Laptop cannot provide enough performance on the high (detail) level I would like to play with the Oculus.


    I am now looking for a complete new desktop system as a replacement for my laptop. Since my lovely wife is still around, it should be a mini desktop (with a white glitter case :D )


    Being “out of business” for a long time, this is my first approach after some research :helpsmilie::


    Case: Thermaltake Core V1 Snow Edition (unfortunately without glitter)

    Board: Asus Maximus VIII Impact Gaming Z170 (is that “too much”?)

    CPU: I7-6700K (since DCS need a lot of CPU, should I go for the 7700K?)

    GPU: Asus GeForce GTX 1070 Dual OC (or should I run for a 1080? With the tight system, I think lower energy consumption helps in terms of temperature)

    Cooling: be quiet! Dark Rock TF

    RAM: Corsair DIMM 16GB DDR4-3000 Kit

    SSD: ADATA Premier Pro SP900 2,5’’ SSD 256 GB

    HD: Toshiba DT01ACA200 2 TB

    Power-Supply: Enermax Platimax 80 Plus (600W) – (or should I go for the 750W, cause Oculus Rift needs additions power?)



    I would very much appreciate it, if you pros have a look on the configuration and giving me feedback, if everything is fine – especially in terms of running an Oculus Rift.


    Many thanks in advance!



  4. I give up, the only thing I can seem to get working is the correct radio setup,

    No static, no beeps, no comms. I get in the pit, try and talk to the tower to request startup and find myself out of the aircraft on the tarmac staring at my a10c, very strange.


    Hey Shane,


    I think we both run into the same problem...


    As described in my posts above, I had to switch my German WIN10 to Englisch (US) in order to get VA understanding my commands.


    After the tip of Hollywood, I switched back to German WIN10 and changed the setting of VA to my then available English speech engine.


    But running a German WIN10 with the Englisch speech engine resulted also in external views after saying a command (e.g. "attack utility" ended up in the F5-external view, since the last command "attack utility" in the comm-menu is F5).


    I solved the problem by keeping the German WIN10 with the English speech enginge, but switching to the US-keyboard. Maybe, that solves also your problem.


    If anyone has a clue, how to keep the German keyboard, please let us know...


    Cheers, MadMonty

  5. Hey Monty


    Sure no worries. It should be doable earlier in the thread there were some German guys talking about their language setup check post #65 onwards



    Regarding the Static ATC mod sthompson made a fix for DCS 1.5 here:




    Hey Hollywood,


    thank you so much for your help - you solved my problems!


    Whenever you are in Munich (Germany), let me know, I owe you a beer...


    Cheers, MadMonty

  6. Maybe check in the Menu_Set_Defaults command in Voice Attack and check that the Dir_DCS_World directory is set to point to where you have DCS World Installed.


    Thanks for the tip - it did not solve the problem, but the setting was wrong...



    (at) Hollywood:


    Thanks for your PM. I think I have problems to reply on your PM, why so ever... Here is my reply:


    Hi Hollywood,


    thank you very much for your quick response, much appreciated...


    I already had 1.5.12 installed, but I didn't uninstall the previous version proper. Now "Start Missions" runs perfect and Num0 etc. are working fine... BIG THANKS!


    One problem left is, that the VAC ATC Menu Mod is not working properly. After installing via JSGME, the DCS key for radio command (which should open the comm menu) does not work anymore... Therefore no messages will be transmitted via VA.


    It runs fine without VAC ATC, but I think I will run into problems to radio to the airfields, or? Any idea?


    One last question: Do you have any idea, if I can use VA without changing my German WIN10-system to English?





  7. Hey fellow pilots,


    I have installed VA and VAICOM for the very first time. I did everything according to the manual, having also the ATC Mod installed and running VA as an administrator.


    To get VA running on my German system, I needed to install the English (US) speech pack and to switch my PC to engl./US.


    Now VA understands my commands and runs well in DCS A10C.


    But as soon as I speak the command "START MISSION", the Num0, 1, 2 and 3 keys have no effect anymore. I cant use VA after this initial command. So I have to start the missions without this initial command.


    This is the VA log:


    1:31:12 AM - Listening suspended

    1:31:12 AM - Ready for commands.

    1:31:10 AM - Easy Communications is True

    1:31:10 AM - DCS data fetched.

    1:31:10 AM - 'D:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps\VAICOM\Tools\VAICOM_fetch_data.cmd' completed

    1:31:10 AM - Launched 'D:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps\VAICOM\Tools\VAICOM_fetch_data.cmd' (hidden) (waiting for exit)

    1:31:10 AM - Fetching settings data....

    1:31:10 AM - Initializing....

    1:31:10 AM - ---- VAICOM 2.0 for DCS World ----

    1:31:10 AM - Recognized : 'start mission'



    Has anyone an idea, how to solve it? I already downgraded to 1.5.12, but it did not help...


    If someone also knows, how to use VA without changing the complete system to engl./US, it would be also very helpful.


    Cheers, MadMonty

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