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  1. After my 1st weekend with the Rift, I would like to give some additional feedback to all of those, who have no VR-Glasses yet or are thinking of buying one. 1. Resolution Being overwhelmed from the immersion of the cockpit (letting your yaw hit the ground), you kind of accept the lower resolution compared to a monitor based game playing. After a couple of flights and getting used to the new 3D-enviroment, you start recognizing, that it is sometimes hard to read instruments (like the labels of switches or the MFDs), but you don´t really bother, since it is too much fun to fly around. But as soon as you start a combat mission or campaign, you have to rely on what you can see or not. Interestingly my eyes started do see more and more of those details (and labels), which I couldn´t see before. Maybe the Rift has been placed better on my head the longer I use it (only a few mm does change the sharpness dramatically) or I am just getting used to the lower resolution. Anyway, meanwhile I do feel quite comfortable with the Rift and reading everything from the MFDs. Only at gun- or rocket-runs you will see the single ground targets not before approx. 1.0 – 1.5 miles distance, but I think that is quite realistic. Using TrackIR before I always zoomed in to the max and could see the targets a lot of miles ahead – that is definitely not realistic… 2. Situation awareness This is by far the BIGGEST improvement of using VR. I have played the 2nd mission of Piercing Fury, which is a quite complex and unusually long mission. You have to watch a complex of buildings, defend your attacking troops from infantry, an incoming convoy, chase an escaping jeep, find a shot down pilot, defend the pilot from incoming convoys and infantry. So a lot of thing have to be found and observed for quite a long time in the air. Having played this beautiful mission with TrackIR a short time ago, I remember how hard it has been to find and keeping tracked the landing zone of the friendly choppers and to keep the buildings our groups are attacking parallel in sight, to find the shot down pilot (e.g. observing his flares) and last but not least to find and attack all the enemies. Using a Rift now, everything changes into a magnificent situation awareness. When you circle the town with the building complex, you exactly know where the buildings are located in town, you easily spot the blue smoke of the choppers landing field and you know exactly in every moment, where your plane is. In a complex situation, where you are informed about multiple enemy troops being spotted or coming in, it is so much easier to find them even with the lower resolution just by knowing where to look at. Chasing the escaping jeep is so much fun, because you always know where the jeep is, even if you lose sight due to turns, you know exactly at which flank of a hill it has been and after a couple of seconds, when you finished the turn, you know where to look at since you have a “natural feeling” for the surrounding landscape. When you are being shot at, by AAA or missiles, you do spot the enemy easily and keep him tracked without any problems, just because you can keep the eyes on him knowing exactly what you plane is doing. The new situation awareness – next to the immersion - makes the Rift worth every cent. 3. Immersion It has been written a lot of things regarding the immersion so I don´t have to repeat it. But there are funny things that occur, just because you now are using VR. Like others already told, doing acrobatic maneuvers does have certain impacts to your stomach. Doing a steep turn for a landing approach gives you exact the same feeling like in a real plane (only missing the g´s). Flying myself the small prop-planes in real life for two decades, it is exactly what happens to my stomach in real life. But furthermore, you are so much into the game, that after having landed after a long mission and opening the canopy, it feels like getting some fresh air. Maybe I am a bit crazy, but that has happened several times. I don´t know, if you guys have experienced the same. That is only one example of how deep your brain and your body is into this game – just amazing! So at the end I have to say, that VR does change the way of gaming dramatically. It will never be the same and I think (and hope), that more and more games will be developed for VR, since it is a quantum leap compared to playing with monitors, even when TrackIR is being used. Imaging, that this is just the beginning and it´s just a matter of time, until the resolution will improve, the future does look very good especially for realistic sim-gaming – and that´s why we are all here in this nice forum… Cheers, Monty
  2. Thanks for your tip Cibit. I will take care of my CPU! I just made a short stress test to check, if the watercooling does work. While gaming the temp does not go above 40°, so everything is fine...
  3. Guys, I have now experimented a little bit with my Rift. Regarding the graphics setting, I can see a big difference between pixel density of 1.0 and up to 2.0/2.5. But the higher the density is, the lower the frames will be. There comes my question: When running in high graphic details and 2.0 density, my system drops down to 45 instead of 90. But I find it really hard to notice any difference between 45 and 90 FPS. So I am thinking of keeping higher detail settings with "lower" frames @45. What difference is between 90 and 45? I set up a training mission at an airport nearby a big city with multiple planes flying by (also tanks driving by). The frame headroom is at somewhat like -60/-70% with 45 FPS, but the planes flyby quit smoothely... What is your experience / opinion?
  4. Thank you very much Thompson - that has solved the problem. I had it installed in my former system, but just have forgotten this fix. Too many things to remember when setting up everthing new. I will write a checklist... :book:
  5. I used CPU-Z as a stress test. Using Prime95 max heat I come up to 70/71° - should be ok, or?
  6. OK, now I could reproduce the same failure, after changing everything step by step to where it has been. In DCS 1.5 I am loosing the comms menu (and therefore cannot use VA) as soon as I install the mod VAC ATC (v1.0 by whartsell). Since it is the only "must have" mod, I am asking for a solution or if the games also runs without it (what it looks like by now). Cheers and good night, Monty
  7. A new installation has done the job. VA now runs fine also in 1.5. Now the fun may be begin... :pilotfly:
  8. OK gentlemen - as promised I post some pics of my new tiny beauty... Since I haven´t set up a new pc for almost 10 years, I luckily remembered a lot from earlier days. But the very small Thermatake V1 case has been a real challengen in terms of getting everything installed. But it work out... The H90 WC runs in a Push-Pull-config with two additional fans on the backside to help getting the warm air outside the case. Watercooling runs fine, CPU @4.8 Mhz comes up to 67° under stress test. But the real beauty is the new Oculus Rift. It´s another dimension of gaming... Cheers, Monty
  9. Thx Greyman - I have already made the keyboard fix for foreign languages and it runs in DCS2.0. So the keyboard is not the issue... I am reinstalling 1.5 now, since it is working in 2.0. I hope this fixes it.
  10. I moved my problem to where it belongs... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3023147#post3023147
  11. By the way: "Start mission" does work with VA. I find myself now in paused function and have to unpause it manually - that is different to my former system. But VA looks like recognizing my commands, still having no comm menu to work with. When I hit the comm key "#" it looks like something happens in the background. If I hit the F-buttons, it takes 2-3 hit to get to the external view. So it seems, that the comm menu is somewhere activ, since only after multiple F-commands the external views are available. EDIT: In DCS 2.0 Nevada I can see the comm menu... EDIT2: So in DCS 2.0 everything works fine, also Voiceattack. My problem is therefore only in 1.5 with the missing comms menu
  12. Gentlemen, I have just received my Rift (see also here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3023105#post3023105) and am very happy. For the Rift I had to set up a new PC and therefore to install everything brandnew. Rift is working fine, it´s just awesome! After setting up my Voiceattack and Vaicom (which has run smoothely on my former system) I ran now into problems. Speaking a command, VA seem to recognize everything well as you can see in the screen shot. But in DCS nothing happens. Regarding that problem, I also figured out that I cannot open the comm menu (default key "#") in DCS while flying. Maybe the one problem is associated to the other... Any ideas?
  13. Did it help to run Voiceattack or to see the comm Menu in DCS? Hitting Alt-Tab several times changes nothing for me. Like I said, I can´t see the comm menu in the cockpit after pressing "#". Any ideas?
  14. Guys, finally I have ran into my first problem. I used to play with Voiceattack before and it would be ideal to use it with the Rift. Having set up everything right (I hope), my radio commands are recognized by VA, but nothing happens in the game. To find the failure, I tried to open the comm menu (# at my default setting) and nothing happens. Since I haven´t tried to open the comm menu before with the Rift, I wonder why I can´t see it, even when not running VA. I ist not possible to see the comm menu with the Rift? My settings are to easy radio communications. Any advice? Cheers, Monty
  15. Okay gents, after returning from my trip yesterday I immediately startet to set everything up. Everything did go very well, no problems at all to set up the Rift and to get it running in DCS. So, my first impression of Rift in DCS is: WHAT THE HELL! HOLY TOLEDO! IT CANNOT BE TRUE... I have never ever experienced anything in gaming that even comes close to what I have seen last night. Everyone knows 3D-effects from cinema. So my expectations have been something like DCS with TrackIR in 3D. But I was totally wrong! The immersion within the cockpit is so close to real life, you just want to grab every switch. If you lean to the side, you will pay atention not to hit the canopy because everything looks so real. Being a private pilot (flying Cessnas, Mooneys etc. for more then 20 years), this experience comes very close to real flying. So everyone who reads this and is thinking of ordering a Rift - just to it. You just cannot regret it. I had some fears about the resolution and yes, the MFD´s are sometimes tricky to read (I will have to work on that, but it is not so bad that you can´t use the MFDs, it´s ok), but the overall fun is just complete way better than 2D. I had some training missions with the A10C and yes, targets are harder to spot e.g. at a gun run, but I think it comes closer to real life. On the other hand, once you are flying over the target area, you will see EVERY enemy so much clearer. I made a gun run and a single soldier survived. Doing a flyby I saw him running away - I couldn´t believe how easy I could spot this guy just because he now is not a 2D-pixel-unit anymore, but a 6 feet tall soldier standing on the ground. Wow! Thank you SO MUCH guys for this thread! It really has helped people like me who haven´t been sure about spending the money for a Rift. It´s worth every cent. More to follow up later after further testing. Cheers, Monty PS: I couldn´t resist and have also ordered the earphones - great addon in terms of accoustic immersion!
  16. I believe he is talking about Asynchronous Spacewarp: https://developer.oculus.com/blog/asynchronous-spacewarp/
  17. Hey Simo, thanks for your rapid answer!! Your sequence is identical to mine and now I am very happy not to having any additional adapters to organize. Cheers, Monty
  18. Gents, before leaving for my business trip today, I managed to set up the new PC yesterday evening. So I will be ready to set up the Rift latest Saturday morning... Working on a checklist, what to do with the new system (installing drivers etc.), I feel uncertain, if the HDMI cable of the RIFT fits to my Gigabyte GTX 1070 Gaming G1 HDMI connection. Since I am in the office, I cannot check if the HDMI sizes match. What HDMI size does the Rift have? This is a pic of the backplate of my GTX1070: http://www.gigabyte.com/fileupload/product/3/5921/20160624191242_big.png Please advice, if I need an adapter in order to get it before setting everything up. Cheers, Monty PS: To wait for an ordered Rift is hard, having no time to set up an already received Rift is even harder :cry_2:
  19. So, my Rift will arrive today. I am already excited like a child on Christmas Eve... The rest of my new system has already arrived respectively will also arrive today. The boxes are starting to pile up and my wife starts thinking "what the heck is he doing?" :D Unfortunately I will have to wait for Saturday to set everything up, since I will be on a business trip for the rest of the week :( Make sure you guys are around this weekend to help me in case of troubles :helpsmilie::thumbup: Cheers, Monty
  20. Too late, everything has been already ordered. And if you are waiting for a Oculus Rift, you just cannot wait a few weeks longer ;) Setting up the system not before this weekend, since I have a business trip end of the week :(
  21. Sure I will... Can't wait for everything to arrive!
  22. I am aware that the Rift (or VR in general) has not such a high resolution. But do you guys run into any problems identifying everything right in the cockpits? Like using the TAD or TGP in A10c...? Or are you zooming in then like in TrackIR? How is the quality of "information" you get from the displays? Didn´t sleep a lot, can´t wait for the Rift...
  23. Thanks BitMaster for your detailed and very useful comments. The Corsair RAM is the LPX-series and therefore should meet the requirements of low profile. Since I switched to water cooling, I should not run into any problems now - hopefully... The motherboard has only two RAM-slots, therefore I wont have to decide which I will use :D Cheers, MadMonty
  24. Gents, thank you so much for all of your support. Since I couldn´t wait to order my rift, I just ordered the following components: Case: Thermaltake Core V1 Snow Edition Board: MSI Z270I GAming Pro Carbon CPU: I7-7700K GPU: GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming Cooling: Corsair Hydro H90 RAM: Corsair DIMM 32GB DDR4-3000 Kit SSD1: Samsung 850 Evo 250 GB for Windows SSD2: Samsung 850 Evo 500 GB for DCS HD: Seagate ST2000DM001 2 TB Power-Supply: Seasonic X-750 As you can see, I changed to water cooling and some other things. I trust, that everything will be fine... Cheers, MadMonty
  25. Gents, I will be in the club in a couple of days. Just ordered my Rift, it will arrive beginning next week. Since I had to buy a complete new PC - which I can´t set up before next weekend - I won´t throw up before next Saturday. I will come back with my review - after cleaning my screen. Wait... What screen??? :doh: Cheers, MadMonty
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