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  1. Notifications sounds on/off do not resolve the problem.


    I figured out, that I can hear the noise (squelsh) being at the windows-desktop or even in Oculus home. But as soon as I start DCS (no matter from desktop or Oculus) the noise from pressing the PTT is gone.


    Any ideas?

  2. I have updated my Voiceattack to 2.5.7.


    If I now press the push-to-talk button, the noise has changed a bit when pressing and releasing the button, so far so good. But I don't hear this noise in DCS anymore, it seems like the sound of VA is suppressed in DCS. I have all settings according to the manual of VA and all sounds in DCS set to 50%. It's not that the noise is quiet, it's definitely not there. When I quit DCS and am in Windows, I can hear the noise again by pressing / releasing the PTT button.


    After I play VR, I miss the acoustic feedback that the button is pressed.


    Does anyone have any idea of what might be the reason?


    Cheers, MadMonty

  3. After playing DCS in VR, I find the cockpit lettering of the A10C a bit too small. I remember that once there was a MOD where the cockpit lettering was enlarged. But unfortunately I can't find this mod via google or here in the forum. Does it still exist?

  4. I dedusted my PC during the Christmas break and updated to VA 2.5.7.


    So far there was always a louder noise, if I had pressed my transmission button. Now it is hardly to be heard any more. How can I get the sound or the noise louder, find it helpful with VR to hear that I hold the right key pressed...!?


    Many thanks in advance!

  5. Hey there,


    has the manual been updated for AGM 65 etc.? If so, it would be great if someone could share the actual manual here again. Beeing away on christmas holiday without my PC I don´t have any access to my DCS folder, but lots of time left to read the manual.


    Many thanks in advance!


    Merry Christmas,



  6. If you are not happy with the performance of a laptop, another option could be my Mini-PC (look at my specs).


    Had a laptop before, but wanted to have a more powerful pc without needing a big tower case. So the Thermaltake Core V1 with water cooling is really small and I did manage to get all the powerful stuff inside.


    I am not living on a boat, even if I have just returned from a sailing trip at Sardinia. Really don´t want to think of the motion sickness you will get during bad weather :cry:

  7. Hey Neil,


    welcome to VR!!!


    Firste of all - please have a look at this section of the forum:




    Here you will find a lot of information using VR in DCS.


    Regarding your question, it is all about a nice and clean HOTAS setup. It doesn´t matter what kind of HOTAS system you use (TM warthog, Saitek etc.), but you need to have all the basic functions of the specific airplane mapped to your joystick & throttle and get used to it. It takes some time, but in the end you will find everything blind.


    Additional functions can easily been done with a mouse click within your VR-cockpit.





  8. Improved simulation of reality does bring some of the problems of actual reality. You can't spin your head like Linda Blair via TrackIR.


    You're right, but please note that the human FOV is over 180 degrees, the rift 110 degrees. When I turn my head to the right, I am at least 35 degrees (70 degrees / 2) away from the actual reality.


    In this respect the Rift has a disadvantage compared to the actual reality!

  9. Due to the limited FOV I can't sit straight and look back 180 degrees. I'd have to turn my chair a little to get to 180 degrees. Definitely a disadvantage in aerial combat or when searching the horizon, but the advantages of VR clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

  10. Hey BIGNEWY,


    starting DCS, I am now always asked for the new serial for BS2 and I have to "bind" the new key. Even if I have bound the new key, I am always being asked again when starting DCS. If I do not bind the key every time and cancel the process, BS2 is not available within the game.


    I am still running 2.5.0 and have not changed to 2.5.1, since I have read about the FLIR-problems in A10C. So I don´t know if that problem has been resolved in 2.5.1.


    I just wanted to let you know in case the problem isn't known yet.





  11. I just found a place on the ED website where I entered my BS1 key, my BS2 key, and it gave me a new DCS:BS key. But for the life of me I can't find the darn page again. No ticket submission needed.


    See the 1st sticky thread by BIGNEWY:





    If trouble finding the key once BS1 and BS2 have been merged, please look at my thread:



  12. Hi BIGNEWY,


    thanks for your update.


    I have received an email, however, the new serial number is still not available in my profil (neither within the details of BS1 nor of BS2). Also there is no new purchase listed.


    I would appreciate it, if I could find the serial within my profile, since I am managing all of my serial numbers via my profile.


    Many thanks in advance!



  13. Hey folks,


    BIGNEWY has been so kind and posted a very interesting thread:





    I followed the link and received a single serial number from two serial numbers for BS1 and BS2.


    So far so good. If I now go to my profile on the DCS page, the new serial number is nowhere displayed. Thank God I copied it before, but it would be good if the new serial number can be found in the profile just like all other serial numbers.





  14. To those of you commenting now, you are aware that this is a necroed thread? The original post is from 2013. @Fish, this is not news.


    Thank you for raising this sensitive issue. I've been thinking the same thing the whole time...

  15. Ich habe mein Windows 10 auf English umgestellt, dort die Diktate verlesen und danach alle wesentlichen Ansagen für Voice Attack in Windows trainiert. Danach konnte ich die Sprache wieder auf Deutsch zurückstellen, VA greift auf das englische (und somit dann vorhandene) Sprachprofil zurück (so habe ich es zumindest in Erinnerung).


    Bei mir funktioniert das wunderbar. Alles, was durch meinen (nicht sooo schlimmen) Akzent dann falsch erkannt wird, muss ich wie vor dann wieder trainieren (also auf Englisch umstellen, trainieren, zurück auf Deutsch).


    Dadurch bekomme ich sukzessive alle Befehle erlernt und Windows weiß durch das Training trotz Akzent, was gemeint ist...

  16. I have played mission #2 of the "new" Georgian Hammer campaign.


    Telling my wingman to engage air defenses, armor, targets of opportunities etc. results always in a "negative" response.


    Telling him to engage my target, he confirms "roger" and than flies straight to the end of the world.


    Telling once again to engage armor, infantry etc., he replies "negative" and joins up.


    Requested targets are existing and have been spotted by wingman, so it´s not about that he replies negative due to missing targets.


    Anyone else having the same problem`





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