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  1. A wise man once told me that people who have nothing else in their lives are at least right and that is why it is so important to them to always be right. I very much hope for your sake that he is wrong. If we had, as for example with the purchase of a car, the selection from dozens offerers, then I could understand you still a little bit (even if I would express myself nevertheless differently). But here we have enthusiasts sitting who provide us with the only reasonable hardcore flight simulation and manage to constantly supply us with wonderful new aircraft over the last years. And take a look back at how many of them really look excellent today. So I'm thinking twice about demotivating the developers with my choice of words because they seem to do so much wrong, or I'll give them some praise to show that their work is valued. @Arctander - You are in the right and I don't want to take it away from you. If I read your other posts (e.g. Hornet), a common thread of detailed complaints against ED runs through your posts. It would be a great sign from you, if you would announce here and now what you like about ED and DCS. There is certainly a developer who on Monday will be all the more pleased to make the solution to your / our problems ....
  2. Proposal to all those for whom development is not fast enough. Uninstall the Viper and only reload it when it is stable. In the meantime just pretend it hasn't been released and please be happy if it's stable with more features. Would the Viper be further developed today if DCS had held it back? All speculation! I don't believe it and find the mostly constructive feedback of the community helpful to further develop the aircraft. At the weekend I'm thinking about what's wrong in my life, that I still have so much fun with the Viper... :D
  3. Is the communication really that bad? I'm not a software developer myself, but I'm responsible for demanding multi-million projects. The difficulty lies in the complexity of the task. We all want to have as much information as possible in advance, yes we urge the developers on this platform to respond. As so often in life and no matter in which branch, surprises, problems and changes await those who are responsible. Not everything can always go according to plan and that's exactly what some people come across here in the forum, because originally A was promised and B was made. My only concern is to show some understanding and not to blame everything on bad communication or faulty strategies / developments. Which of us is already free of mistakes? I totally agree with you! I am not entitled to speak for the rest of the forum. In this respect I have probably expressed myself somewhat unhappily - it was only meant well. However, I was often allowed to lead conferences with numerous visitors and have always had the experience that those who see problems in a matter were much louder and more dominant than the agreeing (silent) rest. So I took the liberty to use my experience for this forum as well. Please don't hold it against me...
  4. Dear DCS developers, it hurts my soul to see the hostility you are sometimes confronted with. I am certainly not alone when I express here my deep gratitude and respect that there are people like you who enable us to fly in such fantastic worlds as only you can create. I realize that many of us are impatient (so am I). When new planes are announced, you will be annoyed when they are finally released. If they are released in beta stage in advance to allow the most impatient to try them out, you will get annoyed why there are so many bugs and why it takes so long to fix them. I have the feeling that you can never please some of these people! And as so often they are the ones who make themselves heard here and thus falsify the image of the community. The large (silent) majority is just happy and proud of what you do for us every day! It was just important to me to pour out my heart here - even if it was offtopic.
  5. Thx for the quick reply. I have everything up to date, but the problem still occurs - even when using "Dodge select" (what my flight is) or "flight select". VHF is the right band to radio to your wingman while using the Viper. And of course - it does work with my configured radio button on the correct VHF frequency, I only have to press RAlt # once -- from then on I get a response from my wingman. Taking the next mission - same configuration - no response, until RAlt # opens the communication to my wingman. Maybe you have another idea!? Best, Monty
  6. Hi folks, I have this little problem with Vaicom Pro: So far I have always flown with simple radio, but for the EF & RF missions of Sedlo for the Viper I had to switch to realistic radio. That worked so far - I also set the radio in the Vaicom menu to realisitic radio. But now I notice that my VHF radio does not work on my wingman. Vaicom recognizes my command, but the wingman does not react. By chance I found out that I first have to call the VHF radio menu via RAlt # (and to close it with RAlt # again). If this happens once, my wingman reacts to my spoken commands. Is this due to the Viper module, or do I still have to change something in my setting? Thx in advance!
  7. I also have many modules, but unfortunately I don't have much time either. Therefore it is more difficult for me to learn how to fly in well developed aircraft. With the Viper I am happy to learn everything since the first lesson and to master what is currently available as far as possible (for my requirements). What is there is more than enough to have a lot of fun. Air combat works great and there is already a good basic selection of air-to-ground weapons. Only the damage model is still very rudimentary, but that doesn't bother me so much, especially since it's important to avoid damage. :music_whistling:
  8. Nope, that has not been the reason. An open refueling bay door leads to a strange flight behavior already at way lower speeds... The bay has been closed while the shaking startet beyond Mach 1.0
  9. Thanks - I didn't notice that with the abundance of threads. That gives the Russians a few more seconds of their lives :music_whistling:
  10. Yesterday I flew Eastern Friendship Mission 3. On the hunt for the MiG29 I flew with a full afterburner at about 20,000 feet. Somewhere at Mach 1.06 my elevators started to oscillate, the whole plane went dangerously up and down. At first I thought it was the autopilot that was overcorrecting. Another approach to Mach 1.06 brought the same phenomenon without autopilot. As soon as I took out the throttle and reduced the speed, the swinging stopped again. My payload was 2 tanks, 4 AIM 120 and 2 AIM 9. Is that what is supposed to happen? Does the F-16 do the same in real life? It certainly didn't look very healthy for the plane...
  11. Thx- in this way I can change the preset manually - I have been aware of that. What I am looking for is am automatic adaption of the preset to my radio. For now I have to do the following steps: 1) Select preset frequency (by clicking rocker switch or entering preset number in scratchpad) 2) read preset frequency, e.g. 123.45 3) enter frequency 123.45 to my radio via scratchpad Instead of 3) I would like to have that preset automatically been selected in my radio. Is that a feature I am just not aware of, or is it not possible / WIP?
  12. I'll join you right here with a question: With the rocker switch I can switch between the presets. However, I always have to enter the frequency manually. Is it also possible to adopt the displayed preset frequency?
  13. Not only the canopy is open, but he is wearing a helmet with headset what reduces the noise significantly for the pilot. The video is shot by a camera without noise reduction. Being in a sim, you have a simulated helmet and therefore noise protection.
  14. Thanks Yurgon - it seems I have missed that thread... Sorry for posting the info a second time.
  15. Interesting: Even a pod with ground radar! Would it not be hilarious, if DCS could implement that before the US Air Force :megalol: Just dreaming....
  16. Is it only while chasing a plane? Than it could be wake turbulence. Check, if you have this option activated. I flew the BF109 yesterday the 1st time for a long period and have been also surprised by sudden nose movements due to wake turbulences, when crossing the slip stream of another plane. But I do like that feature - brings it even closer to real life...
  17. I had the same problems. It was due to a loose contact of the cable. Since I was still under warranty, I returned the Rift and received a replacement within a few days. Since then there are no more black outs.
  18. It is always so sad to see such wonderful people being torn from the middle of life. May the dear God let him grow wings and let him continue to enjoy his dream above the clouds. My condolences to the family and all who had him as a friend. Rest in peace
  19. Really? Never heard of something like that. You are dropping with CCRP, that means the bomb is released exakt at the point, where the flight curve of the bomb will hit the target. The laser makes it way more precise due to guiding the bomb to the target, but until the laser turns on it is a flight parable of an unguided CCRP bomb which ends up at the target. So the bomb shouldnt fly way over the target
  20. Like Sandman said, check if the laser is firing 10 secs before impact. It fires, when the "L" is in the TGP is flashing. If not, check if you have chosen CCRP, Auto Laser, 10 secs via the weapons main menu. I have made the mistake earlier, that I have chosen the GBU12 manually and changed the settings. Selecting other weapons or going to NAV mode resulted in a loss of the settings, everthing went back to CCIP. So when selecting the GBU, please have a look, if the settings are the same like you have set them before.
  21. Hey Peter, I had to smile a lot at your post. My setup: TM Hotas + CH Pedals + Private Pilot License. I'm also thinking about investing in the TM pedals. However, I seem to be one step ahead of you: Oculus Rift. I strongly advise you to buy Rift / VR glasses before you invest in new pedals. After flying myself and using TrackIR before, this is a leap from 80% reality to 99%. You can't imagine how unbelievable the feeling of flying is when you are flying in three-dimensional space with 1:1 head tracking. Everything looks so incredibly real in 3D that after the first loops you feel really sick. Then VoiceAttack + Vaicom Pro and you'll actually be transmitting like in a real aviator. Believe me, you will be grateful to me for a long time, if you first have a Rift on. But I warn you, after that there is no way back into the 2D world, ask the other Rift users. It is a one-way street... :pilotfly: Cheers, MadMonty
  22. I agree with you that Easy Comms off is more realistic. However, Easy Comms works completely without errors for me, so anyone who wants to make life easier can use it with pleasure. I also have the solution for color marking in the Comms menu. All stations whose frequency is set correctly are displayed in white. All other stations are dark grey. Nevertheless, using Easy Comms I can also select the dark grey ones via the F-keys or by mouse click. Easy Comms then does nothing but set the frequency accordingly. If I call up the Comms menu again, this station is also white.
  23. Problem resolved - just had to Set my audio playback device in windows to the Rift Headset as default! Thanks to all those involved.
  24. Ok, I was able to narrow down the problem now. it's in fact that if i start DCS without VR, the noise is audible. If I start with VR, the sound output of VA seems to be suppressed by Oculus. Even a change to the beta version of Oculus didn't help. Does anyone have experience with the problem?
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