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  1. Hey @gianlu320


    Last night I took a closer look at the problem of jolting when rolling away.


    It definitely seems to be sudden lateral forces that DCS sends as output when rolling away. These lateral forces are transmitted to the platform in "Sway" and "Roll". I had already reduced "Roll" on the platform anyway, because otherwise the forces during the flight resulting from wake turbulence were too high. If I now switch off "Sway", jerky "roll effects" remain when rolling away. But I can't switch them off because otherwise my turning flight would not be simulated cleanly.


    However, I have the option of setting the "Sharpness" in my software and have now set this to zero for "Sway" and "Roll". That helps a lot, I now still feel very slight shaking movements when rolling away, but these are negligible. In this respect, thank you for your input - it has helped me a lot!

  2. The software simulates both angles and forces. This is exactly what was important to me, so that the most realistic feeling possible when flying is created.


    You can explain it - just looking at the pitch function - as follows:


    Aircraft accelerates in straight flight >pitch backwards as long as acceleration continues

    Aircraft climbs >constant pitch backwards

    Aircraft decelerates while climbing due to speed brakes >pitch forward, despite of climbing, as the force of decelaration are higher than pitch of climbing

    Pulling positive G backwards during deceleration with speed brakes >maximum pitch backwards, as vertival G-forces are superimposed on deceleration and climb


    This is exactly what we have developed and tested over and over again over the past few months until it fits. Now when I'm inverted, the pitch is forward. If I pull G while being inverted, the pitch goes back immediately. That in combination with the other 5 axes is ultra realistic. As you have already correctly said - once you have such a platform it will no longer work without it. The same fate as back then with the first VR glasses 😅


    The only problem is still being shot down - the platform has so much force left, that you are scared of your life when the aircraft is tumbling down. I alway have to stop the platform immediately, being worried about my pit construction. The good thing on that is - you think now twice before entering a fight or attack run - just as in real life...


    I will show my pit in my review. It ist based on the monstertech flight rig...

  3. Many thanks @gianlu320


    Yes - it only happens when you stand still and start rolling. I also noticed that it is worse at low throttle (when rolling) than at full throttle (when taking).off).


    The software from Motionsystems also includes "VR Headway", so the movements of the platform are calculated out and you always stay centred in the cockpit, no matter how the platform moves. This was very important to me because the platform is a monster with +/-30 pitch/roll and has enormous power. That's why I decided to use Motionsystems, in order to have a ready-made plug-and-play solution.


    How do you deal with the movements of your platform, are you also able to compensate for these movements in VR? Or do you work with sensors that are attached to your platform? (Or do you end up not using VR, but I can hardly imagine that...)


    I'll test tonight what changes or improvements I can make with the Surge settings. 

  4. Hello all,


    since February I have fulfilled myself a dream and bought a 6DOF platform from Motionsystems. After their software was rather designed for racing simulations, I got the DCS profile developed quite well in the last months with their developer to simulate all movements as realistically as possible.


    However, there is still a bug, which - I remember from some post that I can no longer find - is probably due to DCS:


    When I taxi off with a plane (no matter which one), the platform moves in a very jerky way.  As soon as I am taxiing, everything is fine. It only ever happens when taxiing away from a standstill. After consultation with the developer of Motionsystems, this is an output of DCS.


    Does anyone know the problem and does anyone perhaps even know a solution?


    Unfortunately, I am not a DIY person who has the knowledge and time to build a platform including software myself. Therefore, I am very happy to have found a "plug & play" product at Motionsystems. However, the above-mentioned problem must be solved via DCS.


    Many thanks in advance!

  5. Hey Luke,


    I switched from the Rift S to the G2. The G2 is much better, it was worth it.


    Now to your question, which I had also asked myself. You don't need a Steam version of DCS! You can use DCS open beta or stable as you would do normally. If I remember correctly, the Steam VR portal starts in the background, but you can use games like DCS that were not purchased or installed via Steam without any problems.

  6. Happy New Year all together!


    Over the holidays I have build up a new PC and installed everything new. Vaicom is working and is recognizing my phrases, but after every phrase there is still the message "awaiting additional input". I am aware, that this may happen when I turn on "use appendices" for e.g. A10 and I have to tell my wingman what weapon he has to use.


    But I get the message "awaiting additional input" for every command I speak. For example when I say "Flight" "Close up" Vaicom recognizes both phrases, but is doing nothing but showing "awaiting additional input" on my display.


    Any ideas what I may have done wrong?

  7. Hey Derek,


    of course I can tell you something about it, even if it deviates from the actual topic of this thread.


    I will have this beauty delivered in February:




    I will then build a slightly adapted version of the Monstertech rig on it.


    As you can see, it's a very big man's toy 😎


    Cheers, Monty


    PS: Of course I will do a review of the motion plattform and the cockpit after everything is set up...

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  8. OK friends,


    I have been watching the market for a long time now and the disaster of Ryzen 9 5900X processor availability seemed to have no end.


    But today I found an interesting bundle, the 5900X together with the ASUS ROG Strix X570-F gaming motherboard for a few euros above the recommended price, but at least only 2 digits and as a bundle then still an acceptable price.


    Only the graphics card remains unchanged, and the disaster is even bigger here. I'm also speculating on the RTX 3080 TI, if I'm honest. But so I could reward myself at Christmas and have something to screw over the holidays.


    This is what I ordered:


    Case: Fractal Design Define R6 White TG
    Power supply: Seasonic Focus GX - 750W 
    Mainboard: ASUS ROG Strix X570-F Gaming 
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
    RAM: 32GB G.Skill Flare X DDR4 PC 3200 CL14 KIT 2x16 
    SSD: 1000GB Corsair Force Series MP600 M.2


    As for the graphics card, I'll stick with the GTX 1080TI for now until the new generation (RTX or AMD) are also available at a reasonable price.


    I hope that everything fits from your point of view and that I do not have a big mistake in the configuration. Tastes are certainly different, but on the whole it should fit.

    Cheers, MadMonty

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  9. Thanks/Danke BitMaster, for exactly the right answer.


    I started this thread to find out what I should invest in. I find it regrettable that it has drifted into a discussion of principles, almost a dispute, between AMD and Intel supporters. This helps nobody and God knows what else you could have done with all this time.


    Thanks anyway, for all the well-intended contributions and helpful advice.


    As a long-time Intel fan, I am now considering buying the AMD Ryzen 9 5900x as soon as it becomes available at reasonable prices. I am in no hurry. But the single core performance seems to be impressively better than the comparable Intel.


    As far as the graphics card is concerned, my research shows that Nvidia has a minimal advantage over AMD. Maybe I will wait for the 3080TI, the market is empty at the moment anyway.


    Are there any reasons against combining an Nvidia card with an AMD processor? Did the Ryzen get more out of an AMD card, or doesn't that matter? 


    Cheers, MadMonty

  10. And I'm running a 10900k with a 3080. Just upgraded from a 6600K (@5GHz) (4 Months ago) and a 1080TI (Last Friday :music_whistling:).


    The great thing about this forum is that there is an equal distribution of reasonable people (representing my conscience) and enthusiasts (representing my greed) :music_whistling:


    Jim Keller (reasonable) is certainly right that an upgrade to a better graphics card will do a lot of good.


    So the crucial question for you Gruman (enthusiast :smilewink:) is, what did your upgrade from a similar system like mine to a high-end 10900k + 3080 system do? Is it a giant step forward? Would the 3080 have done it on its own, or does the 10900k make a noticeable difference?



  11. I would consider Ryzen 5000 series as their single core performance is higher than Intel's best chip meanwhile, even when you oc that Intel. Read some reviews to get the idea.

    Good advice. I had only looked at the single core clock rates, where the Intel seems to be much faster. But if I read articles about the Cinebench Single Core Test, the Ryzen 5900X is much faster than the 10900K, despite the lower clock rate. Interesting!



    Variant-2 would also mean new motherboard, you cannot drop a 9900k into a Z270 board !

    At first I only paid attention to the socket, which is 1151 on both. Thanks for saving me this embarrassment.


  12. Dear DCS community,


    after slowly approaching the age of 50 and having worked a lot for the last years (and therefore always had too little time to fly), in spring I fulfil myself a dream and get a motion platform. I had already been able to test it at the manufacturer's, and in combination with VR glasses it is the ultimate flying experience...


    In preparation for this, I am now thinking about upgrading or replacing my somewhat outdated but still good PC with a new one.


    Currently I have the following specifications:


    MB: MSI Z270I Gaming Pro Carbon AC

    CPU: 7700k water cooled at 5.0 Ghz

    GPU: GTX 1080TI

    RAM: 32GB DDR4 3000Mhz


    As far as the budget is concerned, I have some freedom to put together a completely new PC if necessary. Nevertheless, I want to be sensible with new investments, in other words, they should make sense. I am able to build up a PC completely by myself, but usually I do not have enough time to do detailed research to configure everything optimally. I know that with DCS the clock rate of the single core is one of the decisive factors. I'm already well on my way with overclocked 5.0 Ghz, but newer I9 processors could be clocked much higher.


    The following variants are available to me (from low to high):


    Variant 1:

    PC remains as it is, only exchange to a RTX3080 (or comparable AMD model) as soon as available at reasonable prices.


    Variant 2:

    Like variant 1, but additionally upgraded to an I9-9900k processor.


    Variant 3:

    Completely new system as follows:

    Mainboard: MSI Z490 Unify

    CPU: I7-10700K / I7-10850K or I7-10900K (probably 10850K as best price-performance ratio)

    GPU: RTX 3080

    RAM: G.Skill RipJaws V DIMM Kit 32GB, DDR4-3600



    I would like to improve my system as much as possible compared to the current setup. Now the question - with which of the above mentioned variants do I get the best performance for my money? Does it make sense to rebuild from scratch (variant 3), or does it make me only slightly better than in variant 1 or 2?


    Last but not least, does an upgrade from 32GB to 64GB RAM with DCS still bring a noticeable increase in performance?


    Thank you very much in advance for your feedback and support!


    Cheers, MadMonty

  13. One of your earlier posts shows that TX2 and TX3 have no frequency associated with them in the Vaicom PTT window - is this still the case?


    If so, I think that this is the clue - if not already done, please could you turn on debug in Vaicom and see whether any clues appear in the VA log


    Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk


    Yeah, still no frequencies shown in TX2 and 3.


    In debug I cannot see any failure. Since I am planning to upgrade my system it is likely, that I will do a complete new installation of DCS and VA/Vaicom and maybe from then on it is running. For now, I have no clue what else I could do. At least, it is flyable...

  14. Is it just to your wingman now, or is it still to any recipient?


    Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk


    The problem seems to occur with any reciepient.


    For example, flying a A10C mission from eneny within campaign 3.0, being at the ramp I tune the following frequencies:


    TX1/AM - 133.00 (airport)

    TX2/UHF - 252.400 (warrior 1)

    TX3/FM - 33.40 (flight / wingman)


    So when I request taxi, I can only use the AM comm menu to communicate with the tower. But using VA I can talk via TX1, 2 and 3 to the tower and always get a response.


    After takeoff, I can communicate to my wingman only via the FM comm menu. But using VA, I can talk via TX 2 and 3 (not 1!?) to my wingman and get a response.

  15. What version of Vaicom are you running and what extensions do you have?


    Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk


    I am running the latest version of Vaicom and I have upgraded VA from 1.8.5 to 1.8.6. I reinstalled Vaicom and deleted my existing profile, using the given standard DCS profile and configured TX1-5 new. This time not using key bindings, but joystick buttons.


    But still, I can radio to my wingman via TX1, 2 and 3.

  16. i suspect it will be a perf improvement, however, only because of the higher overclock potential , DCS will only use 3 core really, or two mostly in single player. a lot depends on how over clocked your current CPU is and where your current bottle neck is, i would say its an even split between your CPU and GPU ... so investigate and see


    I am running on a stable 5.0 GHz (watercooled).


    So, since DCS will only use 2-3 cores and having 4 of the right now, I am wondering, if a i10700k with 8 cores will bring such an improvement. You guys are writing, that a i10700k may have a better OC potential, but do I get it significantly higher then 5.0 GHz? Or is it not only about the frequency?


    In terms of budget I could even afford a i10900k, but it should be reasonable resp. corresponding to a GTX 3080.

  17. Hello everyone,


    I am thinking of a total new upgrade for my system, since the new 3000 graphic cards are on the market. I will wait what AMD has to offer, but for sure I will go for a new graphic card.


    Since the CPU can be the bottleneck at DCS, I am wondering what corresponding CPU you would recommend to take1?


    Would the Intel Core i7-10700K be a fine choice, is it too much or too less? Will the 8 cores be useful for DCS? Of course I will have to chance mainboard etc. then also.


    My current specs are below...


    Cheers, MadMonty

  18. No - don't get rid of the keyboard bindings - it is if you have bindings to your PTT switch



    I think the issue might be with your Voiceattack Vaicom settings (your 3rd screenshot showing the PTT push and release commands



    Attached is my image and it doesn't show the Start listening and Stop listening items (this changed some updates ago). To fix this, double click on each command in turn and remove the 'Start listening' or 'Stop listening' command from the dialog box. The second image shows how my edit command looks for TX1 press



    Try this and see if it works


    Thx, tried it, but it did not work out. Actually, I lost the ability to radio at all via VA. So I put everything back as it has been, now I can radio, but still like easy comms ON with multiple TX buttons serving for one radio, like it seems.


    Any further ideas?

  19. One more thing I just saw while taking the screenshots. While TX1 - VHF-AM shows the correct frequency in the VA-Options-Window, it does show no frequency for TX2 and TX3.


    PS: Tried already "select tunes radio", makes no difference.



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