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  1. Got it sorted out. Did a complete reinstall of VA and Vaicom, now it runs perfectly.
  2. Happy New Year all together! Over the holidays I have build up a new PC and installed everything new. Vaicom is working and is recognizing my phrases, but after every phrase there is still the message "awaiting additional input". I am aware, that this may happen when I turn on "use appendices" for e.g. A10 and I have to tell my wingman what weapon he has to use. But I get the message "awaiting additional input" for every command I speak. For example when I say "Flight" "Close up" Vaicom recognizes both phrases, but is doing nothing but showing "awaiting additional input
  3. Hey Derek, of course I can tell you something about it, even if it deviates from the actual topic of this thread. I will have this beauty delivered in February: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErQfUZEJRao I will then build a slightly adapted version of the Monstertech rig on it. As you can see, it's a very big man's toy Cheers, Monty PS: Of course I will do a review of the motion plattform and the cockpit after everything is set up...
  4. OK friends, I have been watching the market for a long time now and the disaster of Ryzen 9 5900X processor availability seemed to have no end. But today I found an interesting bundle, the 5900X together with the ASUS ROG Strix X570-F gaming motherboard for a few euros above the recommended price, but at least only 2 digits and as a bundle then still an acceptable price. Only the graphics card remains unchanged, and the disaster is even bigger here. I'm also speculating on the RTX 3080 TI, if I'm honest. But so I could reward myself at Christmas and have som
  5. So sad, he has been my hero and idol as a pilot ever since. R.I.P.
  6. Thanks/Danke BitMaster, for exactly the right answer. I started this thread to find out what I should invest in. I find it regrettable that it has drifted into a discussion of principles, almost a dispute, between AMD and Intel supporters. This helps nobody and God knows what else you could have done with all this time. Thanks anyway, for all the well-intended contributions and helpful advice. As a long-time Intel fan, I am now considering buying the AMD Ryzen 9 5900x as soon as it becomes available at reasonable prices. I am in no hurry. But the single core
  7. Great overview and test setup. Thank you so much for posting this. Very helpful for those who are looking for an upgrade like me...
  8. The great thing about this forum is that there is an equal distribution of reasonable people (representing my conscience) and enthusiasts (representing my greed) :music_whistling: Jim Keller (reasonable) is certainly right that an upgrade to a better graphics card will do a lot of good. So the crucial question for you Gruman (enthusiast :smilewink:) is, what did your upgrade from a similar system like mine to a high-end 10900k + 3080 system do? Is it a giant step forward? Would the 3080 have done it on its own, or does the 10900k make a noticeable difference?
  9. Good advice. I had only looked at the single core clock rates, where the Intel seems to be much faster. But if I read articles about the Cinebench Single Core Test, the Ryzen 5900X is much faster than the 10900K, despite the lower clock rate. Interesting! At first I only paid attention to the socket, which is 1151 on both. Thanks for saving me this embarrassment.
  10. Dear DCS community, after slowly approaching the age of 50 and having worked a lot for the last years (and therefore always had too little time to fly), in spring I fulfil myself a dream and get a motion platform. I had already been able to test it at the manufacturer's, and in combination with VR glasses it is the ultimate flying experience... In preparation for this, I am now thinking about upgrading or replacing my somewhat outdated but still good PC with a new one. Currently I have the following specifications: MB: MSI Z270I Gaming Pro Carbon AC CPU: 7700k water cooled at 5.0
  11. Yeah, still no frequencies shown in TX2 and 3. In debug I cannot see any failure. Since I am planning to upgrade my system it is likely, that I will do a complete new installation of DCS and VA/Vaicom and maybe from then on it is running. For now, I have no clue what else I could do. At least, it is flyable...
  12. The problem seems to occur with any reciepient. For example, flying a A10C mission from eneny within campaign 3.0, being at the ramp I tune the following frequencies: TX1/AM - 133.00 (airport) TX2/UHF - 252.400 (warrior 1) TX3/FM - 33.40 (flight / wingman) So when I request taxi, I can only use the AM comm menu to communicate with the tower. But using VA I can talk via TX1, 2 and 3 to the tower and always get a response. After takeoff, I can communicate to my wingman only via the FM comm menu. But using VA, I can talk via TX 2 and 3 (not 1!?) to my wingman and get a response.
  13. I am running the latest version of Vaicom and I have upgraded VA from 1.8.5 to 1.8.6. I reinstalled Vaicom and deleted my existing profile, using the given standard DCS profile and configured TX1-5 new. This time not using key bindings, but joystick buttons. But still, I can radio to my wingman via TX1, 2 and 3.
  14. I am running on a stable 5.0 GHz (watercooled). So, since DCS will only use 2-3 cores and having 4 of the right now, I am wondering, if a i10700k with 8 cores will bring such an improvement. You guys are writing, that a i10700k may have a better OC potential, but do I get it significantly higher then 5.0 GHz? Or is it not only about the frequency? In terms of budget I could even afford a i10900k, but it should be reasonable resp. corresponding to a GTX 3080.
  15. Hello everyone, I am thinking of a total new upgrade for my system, since the new 3000 graphic cards are on the market. I will wait what AMD has to offer, but for sure I will go for a new graphic card. Since the CPU can be the bottleneck at DCS, I am wondering what corresponding CPU you would recommend to take1? Would the Intel Core i7-10700K be a fine choice, is it too much or too less? Will the 8 cores be useful for DCS? Of course I will have to chance mainboard etc. then also. My current specs are below... Cheers, MadMonty
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