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  1. Learn some every day Thanks guys Marc..
  2. Ok this is weird, I tried a campaign, it works like it supposed too just with \, never tried the campaign before until I would fix the problem, went back to a mission I made in mission editor, I first tried RALT+\ nothing, RCTRL+\ nothing, and that is when I first get in the plane, then I tried \ and it works and in all scenarios, weird Thanks guys :cool: Marc..
  3. Thanks a bunch, will continue to investigate Marc..
  4. Can someone do me a favor, do a test with the engine off, throttle not quite in the idle position and try to have the chocks remove Thanks, Marc..
  5. That's the problem I have, even with the engine off I can't have them removed Thanks Marc..
  6. Should I be able to remove the chocks when the engine is not running? Marc..
  7. Yup!! Parking brakes on Marc..
  8. Why is it so complicated? I can't do cold start because I wont be able to move because of those shocks, I tried at idle, I tried with the engine off, I tried so many things, nothing works WHY?? Marc..
  9. Oops I was in FCS mode Marc..
  10. It needs to be install, in C: User/your name/save games/DCS/Mods/ Aircraft Marc..
  11. So I installed the F-22 mod, very nice BTW, everything seems fine except my pitch axis on my Fighterstick is not working, very jittery but works fine in the controller page What could be the problem?
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Thrustmaster-MFD-Cougar-ONLY-1-MFD-SINGLE/303880208317?hash=item46c0abffbd:g:bAIAAOSwhYVgI4Bs Marc..
  13. Marcq

    Syria map?

    Good to know thanks Marc..
  14. Marcq

    Syria map?

    Thanks Matt, looks like I will skip for now Marc..
  15. How much space does it take on the hard drive? Thanks, Marc..
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