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  1. I've only tried it with aircraft strafing wide variety of stationary objects e.g. ground vehicles either AI or stationary , and air -to -air situations - E.g. explode another aircraft if hit (say) 12 times. but no success. The "Unit Damaged" condition works OK but is not as useful as "Unit Hits" because it activates the result even if only damaged slightly and so is unrealistic.
  2. This fault was reported and noted about a year ago, but nothing has been done. Before that it had been working faultlessly for years. It is an important condition because it enables you to refine your gunnery skills when strafing or during aerial combat by having the target unit react (e.g. emit smoke or explode) when hit a specified number of times - Since ED doesn't seem interested in correcting it, perhaps someone knows a workaround. Can anyone help?
  3. Thanks Eight Ball, As mentioned in my post, I am aware of the cargo lua. but doesn't seem to solve problem for me. I will follow your advice and go to discord site.
  4. Similar topics raised before, but worth a re-visit. SCENARIO: You're making a single player mission. In M.E. Triggers you select the Hercules cargo lua. You then place Hercules in desired position with (say)a vehicle loaded. You want to fly it to another place, land and unload it with your Herc. stopped on the ground (i.e. not 'chute dropping it or doing a "touch & go" delivery). When you fly the mission and unload, the vehicle rolls out beautifully and disappears into the bowels of the Earth because the program doesn't know where to spawn the identical vehicle. It seems odd
  5. Thanks Dali - Indeed a wonderful mod.- I fly it every day now. By the way - this is an excellent forum - knowledgeable people willing to share their knowledge. Looking forward to continued development by Anubis.
  6. Hi USSInchon -It is I who am stupid - you are quite right ! I had never come across this added folder before. I checked the contents which seemed OK but I must have opened the real underlying folder and then pasted the false one to the Mods folder. Problem solved. Thanks so much for your help. Mich.
  7. Hi Dali, Yes. Definitely extracted to its sub-folder and copied that to Mod>Aircraft folder. (All the right files inside sub-folder.) I'm totally stumped. Repair does no good. Mich.
  8. Hi Knapsak, Thanks for your advice. I have placed Herc. 6.3 into my Saved Games>DCS Open Beta>Mods>Aircraft, but it does not show as installed in Mod Manager, nor does it show in M.E. Aircraft list. Can you suggest a remedy?
  9. In order to cure the crash bug (see above) I downloaded version 6.3, extracted and placed file in Saved Games> DCS Open Beta>Mods>Aircraft. On starting DCS, Hercules neither shows on aircraft list in M.E. nor does it show as an installed Mod in Mod Manager > Installed list. I have deleted , re-downloaded and re-installed 6.3 with same result. Can anyone please help?
  10. One more question: - with the Anubis updates do we delete all previous version files? I.E. does 6.2 get erased and replaced with 6.3? I ask this because 6.3 doesn't seem to have all the sub-files that 6.2 had.
  11. Thanks Knapsak - I was suffering Herc. withdrawal for a while there.
  12. I agree - Patience is the thing, but 6.2 was working fine 48 hours ago. Has there been an update in last 48 hrs?
  13. Same for me - In Single Player missions Herc. 6.2 crashes DCS repeatedly in Normandy and Caucasus - (haven't tried it in Pers. Gulf or Nevada yet). The crash occurs when I press the "Fly" command to start mission. Repair doesn't help. Crash file attached dcs.log-20210214-143254.zip
  14. I'm having great trouble finding the place to download Anubis Herc. 6.2. I would be most obliged if anyone could give me the link to the above download.
  15. Yes. Hard to hold my breath for much longer. They must be close enough now to be able to give us a "ballpark" release time. E.g. before the end of February (this year)?
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