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  1. I have an OG HTC Vive and am starting to think about an upgrade. VR issues aside, I think the graphics on this device are actually pretty good but not good enough. I've got the A-10, P-51D, and F16...all high fidelity models (though the A-10 is pretty old so...maybe a free pass here). I can putz around in VR and have a good time but any "serious" gameplay is pretty much impossible as I can't really read the cockpit, MFD's, buttons etc. What is the low-end of a newer VR headset that will fix this? What is best? Are the current top of the line headsets good enough to solve this issue?
  2. I know that Normandy server is running and i'll dive into that when I have the resources/time but I'm looking for a server I can jump into "now" with the P51 and try and shoot some people down. Sorry if the information is obviously available, any guidance is appreciated.
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