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  1. Some additional information from the F-5 Weapons Delivery Manual to show that there should be no issue with dropping Snakeyes at 450 knots, and 400' AGL
  2. Believe this is going to be a bug. I've provided several tracks below to show that I met your flight requirements (or very closely). After watching the TacView files, I noticed an issue with the bombs coming off the center rack in which bomb #3 and #4 were colliding. This appears to be a timing issue with the bomb release. Further testing would also show that the faster the F-5 was going, the more likely the bombs would collide. Slowing down to less than 450 knots negated the issue altogether. F-5_SnakeEye_test.trk F-5_SnakeEye_test_2.trk F-5_SnakeEye_test_3.trk
  3. As Paganus said, this has been around for quite some time. What would make it even better is if you actually saw fire and smoke (like the smoke static objects) when you destroy them.
  4. When this happens, look at the F10 map. Is your location shown on the map? If not, it's because DCS sees the aircraft as totally destroyed, and thus will not be repairable. Congrats on managing to get the crippled aircraft back to base though.
  5. While Vietnam is preferred, for the time being I'll settle for any map whose primary color is green. All this desert sand is chafing my bits.
  6. An excellent purchase when you do so! You'll get plenty of enjoyment from it I'm sure. The simple answer to both your questions is, yes. While the buttons and switches tend to stay the same as much as possible for all aircraft I fly (helps to not have to relearn each and every plane), I tend to change those on the base of the throttle to whatever I wish. "L/G WRN" for example, tends to be Master Caution. EAC switch tends to be refueling probe for those that have them. Point being, you're free to make them whatever you wish.
  7. To be a little more specific, the blue circles represent surface-to-air units. The blue shaded area is indicating the engagement area those units can see. This shaded area will change as you change elevation and terrain mask. If you see yourself moving into the blue shaded area, it's time for you to take serious note of your surroundings, as bad shit is about to happen soon if you don't
  8. There's a recent video somewhere posted by an actual A-10 pilot where he states this is actually normal, and requested the changes be made in addition to others.
  9. OP is asking for clarification, why is this moved to "Wishlist"?
  10. Not to speak for Lex, but from my own experience, clouds in DCS are not synced between players. What one person sees is not the same as the other. Trying to use the clouds in DCS to gain or take away an advantage is pointless, as you're opponent may not even see clouds at all.
  11. The statement I made about a "paywall" is referring specifically to electronic warfare. It seems you saw the image and where it came from, and completed disregarded the outlined section. Furthermore, if you read my post #42 within this thread, you would see I understand "the nature of business." You would also see why I am quite disturbed if ED opts to go down the road of putting basic fundamental things such as EW and radar behind a "paywall" (yes I said it). As @Fri said, and I agree with, there's ways for ED to recoup the costs, but charging for something that affects every module i
  12. I certainly don't agree with just giving away stuff. However, I also don't agree with charging full price for a module that does what the current DCS: World mission editor and Combined Arms is already almost fully capable of. If ED wants to do this as an upgrade to CA with a heavy discount for those who already have it, I'll stand behind it. Still a hard no otherwise.
  13. I don't know about the overall percentage, but can state that I'm able to refuel the Harrier, Hornet, and Viper. After all these years I still can't do the A-10, as I get too fixated on the boom instead of the big picture.
  14. While a true statement, and one I will fully back up, there is a line that should not be crossed. After buying every module ED offers on their E-Shop, I expect, based on promises made by ED when they sold their module(s), that certain things to be a part of the module(s); working radar, and electronic warfare capabilities for those modules that have them. Now it seems, after collecting not just my money but everyone who is in the same boat as I, including yourself I'm almost sure of @QuiGon, rather than fix those modules individually ED is going to charge us an additional fee to fix thei
  15. It's coming. Problem is, it's going to be put behind a paywall.
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