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  1. MTOW is heavily influenced by rejected takeoff requirements ie stoppping the takeoff and not running over the end of the runway every time among other things. Since this is a game we can accept more loose restrictions so feel free to load all you can and strap a fat lady on the back for good measure!
  2. I disagree, the fog thing is great guys, turn on the defog at climb and it never fogs. If at any point the defogger is annoying turn ecs off and on again and the defogger stops immediately. What i like is that on unrestricted climbs the canopy fogs badly which corresponds to the abrupt change in external temp.
  3. I love flying the viggen both online and offline. Its different among most planes in dcs in that you have to have an objective and know how to accomplish it before you actually take off instead of flying mindlessly towards a waypoint firing up a tgp and dropping gbus somewhere. That said i dont remember any settings by heart because there's this: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3126659/ I love the viggen's unique approach to doing things and flying it is a blast. I think its by far the most capable and fun of all the cold war era jets in the sim. Flying it down low an
  4. People are throwing a hissy fit over the knotch gate on the jeff radar but not this. They don't even need any data to prove their arguments. Nobody cares for anything as long as the whornet and viper crowds are happy anymore in dcs it appears. 802 will be fixed when ed launch slam-er because this is how things are. lol
  5. This is so frustrating since this was working before ED put out the slam breaking something else in the mean time. Kinda reminds me the forever broken GBU24 until it was released on the hornet and was reworked.
  6. Considering the amount of datalinks in DCS now and the impracticality of always having AWACS to act as a hub a special option for ewr assets to act as datalink hubs should be considered. Reasoning is that an air force that have acquired an aircraft type have made arrangements for ground nodes in their datalink structure other than an AWACS aircraft. That should apply to datalink types not realistically associated with this unit or coalition ie shborka and link17 or link16.
  7. The right warning panel in the cockpit has the same lights out texture as the left but mirrored. pretty visible under daylight
  8. wp to middle of the group is fine for most targets. that is if they are not spaced at a crazy distance from eachother
  9. The dtc autoloads everything on your first start no need to update.
  10. Dawn this is good news! Better than nothing at least!
  11. The biggest problem is that mission designers in dcs consider only tanks and vehicles as targets so very few servers with troop staging areas or factories that you can obliterate. This is a situation engraved by years of only having an a10 and a ka50 to fly with and honestly makes a lot of missions feel like arcade shooting galleries. When people actually built realistic missions the viggen is an absolute joy to obliterate targets with. It is the best antiship platform, its BK90s devastate everything they hit and the heavy mavs are good against anything. But what matters most to me is the
  12. Any news on the road base system? This is one of the most attractive aspects of the viggen but I can’t seem to find any recent news about it’s implementation in MP and SP.
  13. I don’t have any tracks either but suspect this is due to the lowered chaff rejection from the last patch. Personally I think such high susceptibility to chaff is total bs for such a modern weapon.
  14. Windows defender detects a trojan in AJS37-Avionics.dll. Trojan is Wacatac.D!ml Can anyone confirm? Please refrain from x antivirus over y posts.
  15. Game crashes when firing two C802AKG at the same target with the datalink pod. I believe when the 2 missiles impact at nearly the same time one destroys the other which leads to a crash. log attached below track file here https://mega.nz/file/WVJFjQwK#meKCTER15Yb6d_EJsdd1Bx-e26nTSj09hmSzG3uaoU4 How to replicate. Fire 2 C802AKGs at the same target simultaneously with similar flight profile selections so their flight time will be the same. Observe via DL pod till impact. dcs.log-20200407-080520.zip
  16. Very little meaningful conversation and mostly opinions and desires flying around. A lot of couch defense analysis going on as well. Just ask the Iranians guys. That could save us all some time.
  17. The su-24 is a complex aircraft with the most diverse and advanced weapon load of everything listed here including stand off weapons sead and anti ship missiles and bombs. Where are you getting this “I don’t know if it’s a complex airplane” ideas? I also think we are getting the a6 but really hope for the su-24 as it’s been in service for longer than everything else on the list and definitely seen more action.
  18. You understand that these versions might as well be separate modules? Like the D tomcat compared to the other 2. A lot of differences on systems there.
  19. This would change the game in MP servers like blue flag. Set up a road base land viggens and harriers or even A10s and wreak havoc on your opponents. They won't know where you took off from and you cut your turnaround times dramatically. It was demonstrated by the Swedes and UK and other airforces during the cold war. ED should really take a better look into this.
  20. +1 it’s been how many years now? ED should fix this!
  21. I highly doubt you can get 100 miles out of that thing unless you launch from 50000+ feet at M2 a target at similar heights and speeds that won’t manouver. Same motor? LOL talk about drinking the cool aid
  22. Just fix the bugs and a small eye candy update. I love the f5 for what it is, I have the most hours of any module in dcs on it and always feels like home to me. No need for extra crap.
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