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  1. What I find extreeemly annoying (and bends my brain when trying to fly and adjust comms at the same time): The dials for radio frequency on the UHF are inverted. Scrolling the mouse wheel up actually decreases the number.
  2. Will there be a stream with commentary available? For all those of us who are still learning to survive in a PVP environment...
  3. wow, that got quite a discussion going. Thx everyone for contributing.
  4. I all, I am confused about the fuze settings in free fall bombs. The manual does not say a lot about the meaning of the settings and it certainly does not say when to use what. Mfuze: You have a choice of nose, tail, and nose+tail. What does that mean? The fuze is basically what causes the explosives within te bomb to explode, right? So I assume there are two fuzes inside a bomb, nose and tail, but which option to use? Do all bombs have two fuzes? A nose fuze makes perfect sense to me, 'cause that's what the bomb will touch the ground with. What is a tail fuze good for? And why
  5. ^^ what he said! :thumbup: Wofür hat man denn nen Co-Piloten? In echt könnte man sich auch die Arbeitslast teilen wenn einer fliegt und der andere auf die Karte schaut. Oder der Pilot hovered während der Gunner nach Zielen sucht. Finde die "Autopilotfunktion" beim Huey (aka "Dave") super sinnvoll. Bei der Mi8 frage ich mich immer, wieso "Sergeiy" nicht mal kurz das Steuer übernehmen kann während ich die Toilette besuche.
  6. So, when can I fly it? ;) The only unfortunate thing is that I will not be able to enjoy these stunning graphics you created there because VR isn't there, yet. 1st world problem I guess... Keep up the good work. Looking forward to ditching the Gazelle for this baby!
  7. This. I rather spend my precious processing power on real pixels than some virtual ones that help a bit but cost exceptional. If you want resolution nothing beats real resolution.
  8. +1 SEAD, ich komme! :pilotfly:
  9. I am surprised how you guys jump the bashing train. He's just a dude (literally) making a video while running a little hot. I could not care less. If you know what's in the M2K just don't listen to him. If you are unhappy with his comments make a video yourselves showing how great you find the Mirage.
  10. Well, this is a Rift user speaking here. Let me be clear: the immersion is amazing. It cannot be described, this feelinf of actually sitting in a plane, with plane all around you. It raised my helo flying skills to a new dimension as you can judge its movement so much better. However, I am also in a squadron that takes flying seriously and I do have the feeling that I am hindered in my performance by the current VR sets. Resolution is low, I have to use the zoom constantly, I have trouble reading the course of the HSI or my wingmens' altitude off the TAD or the currently selected radio pre
  11. Trying to revive this old thread as I have several questions regarding this technology. I have a CV1 and the immersion is perfect. But resolution and performance with the new 2.1 sucks. When I fly in my squadron we take it seriously and I feel like I have trouble performing in finding enemies or reading gauges/pushing buttons. I basically can only do it using zoom. Also the image looks like its two images not perfectly aligned, making moving objects blurry. I usually have 45 frames in the Rift in DCS 1.5. The new 2.1 killed my frames, now down to 25-28 on the ground at Nellis, where
  12. EGI needs 4 minutes to align, if you do it properly. But then I don't know if that impacts precision of JDAMs.
  13. Not if modeled correctly. Hovering requires full power. For that the engines get cooled with water and it only lasts so long. The Harrier cannot hover for more than 90 seconds.
  14. The idea would be not to do it on you own, so not 8 trips by only one pilot. And a FARP would be something that lasts till the endt of the round, so potentially saving time for following attacks and other players.
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