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  1. So, to me it looks like the PTAB-10-5 is larger than the PTAB-1M, but therefor also contains less pieces of of submunitions, basing it on the first link UCAS gave (it mentions 268 pieces of the 1M) and the pictures 159th_Viper showed. (Showing much fewer, but in same cassette).
  2. I know that PTAB is for anti-armor duty, But haven't been able to find a coherent list on the internet which states what difference there is between the PTAB-10-5 and -1M. Does somebody know (and is there a guide for their deployment somewhere?) PS, anyone else have stuttering when viewing the explosions from clusterbombs?
  3. F-35B conducts its first aerial weapons release
  4. :lol: No mention of the PTAB-10-5 though. I'm assuming it's bigger than the PTAB-1M and PTAB-2.5M
  5. Do you know what the difference on the two RBK-500 is? Iirc one is PT-2.5 and the other PT10.5m
  6. I know that for the KMGU (sp?) that PT is for armor and OA is for soft targets, but what about the RBK-500? And how should I employ them (attack profile, quantity, timer etc)? Last I played around was Flamming Cliffs 1.13 and haven't been able to find something on the net.
  7. Due to a comment on reddit, I found this:
  8. Air Force’s youngest B-52 Stratofortress turns 50 this year
  9. AH-64D Apache Beats Russian Mi-28 Night Hunter For the Indian Tender
  10. AH-64 Apache Crash Afghanistan after crazy maneuver. Anyone know something more about the incident? *edit* Didn't see swift already posted it, but it seems to have been removed from YT.
  11. British tanks to be sent to Germany for storage so army can sell land in UK
  12. QJjQMwEjC1I For some reason i suck atm at make it embedded :angry: **Fixed**
  13. I find the placement of the HMG on top of the turret an interesting move, along with the removel of the "red eyes" (I would guess they got replaced by a new smaller version).
  14. This is Afaik N-Controllers new PR guy, answering questions on Reddit (IamA) http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/nw1vm/ama_the_guy_who_replaced_paul_christoforo_and_is/
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