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  1. It seems that the problem is between chair And keyboard. update work fine.
  2. Any chance to have a hotfix today ? Please ED :notworthy:
  3. Know bug. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3464417&postcount=26
  4. If your target have underground structure, it's possible that the problem is the same than this one :https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3266002&postcount=17
  5. Just finished mission 3 after 3 attempts. :pilotfly: This night mission teach me night flight in harrier. Very good work :notworthy: Thanks you very much :thumbup:
  6. Yes a 3D editor like the one from Arma 3 would be great !
  7. Same here. Pressing FLY freezes DCS with the Mi-8.
  8. In my case, revert to DCS 2.5 hot fix 3. In hot fix 4, I found 2 bugs : Impossible to use MI-8 has player (game freeze) No instrument light in F5-E Lightning issue not fixed in hot fix 4.
  9. In the mustang, there is 3 internal tanks. So if a tank is empty it's possible to switch to not empty tank before restart.
  10. It seems that the cockpit textures have not been updated for DCS 2.5 like the Huey.
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