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  1. :book:

    1. 3D Editor/Preview with the possibility to travel in time (my dream)
    2. Undo/Redo (We are in 2019!)
    3. Right click handler (Contextual Menu)
    4. Multi selection or grouping option (moving objects, copy/paste)
    5. See time for sunset sunrise
    6. Polygonal zone
    7. Moon calendar
    8. Advanced copy/Paste (Radio, Weapon load, Advanced way point option...)
    9. Layer management to apply filter
    10. Meteo : Chose meteo of the day, different cloud layer (altitude), local meteo in zone
    11. Flags with name
    12. More built-in template (AWACS, Transport, SAM, Naval group, troups, armor vehicule, Outpost...)
    13. 3D preview of templates


    Thanks for your work.

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