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  1. Enough that it would've been obvious if it was a problem. Just try it in a single mission and see how it works. What is there to lose? Also add in some randomization of the ground unit and their behaviour to make sure you are not shooting the same fish in the same barrel each and every time.
  2. That's not true with the recent DCS versions. All of the missions on the 51st server have moving units and we see no or few crashes because of them. In fact in my Mountain Divide mission there is a task which has over two dozen units moving and firing at each other.
  3. Many thanks for those flying on our server to test out the stats. With the data that was generated I was able to trace down a few bugs in my stats code that have now been fixed. I will reset the stats board on March 1st, so upto that time people can still mess around a bit, but after that the stats will last for a life time :D
  4. Here's an old tutorial that should still apply.
  5. Thanks Grimes! Awaiting your findings.
  6. My choice would also be S-25 or FAB-500. Success is determined by how close you can get your weapon to the target, but if you can these are better than S-13.
  7. Mission events like take-offs, landings, ejects, etc are logged in three separate ways; 1. server side in the on_landing function in scripts/net/events.lua, 2. client side using the scripting engine S_EVENT event handlers, 3. in the debriefing log at the end of a flight. It appears that the landing events for the Su-27 are not logged consistently for some airbases after a player has taken off. The attached track and debriefing log show that for both ground and air started MiG-29S and Su-33's the take-off and landing events are logged correctly. However, for the Su-27 the landing event is not logged when a human player takes off first. Instead, if the human player air starts, the landing event is logged correctly. From my tests so far I find that this bug affects the Krymsk and Mineralny Vody airbases, and possibly more, and only when flying the Su-27. landing_tests.trk test.zip
  8. Thanks Cali, Falcon, Gaanalma, Flanky! Glad to see you guys are still around!
  9. At the moment the setup is very much tailored to the 51st server, but if you have knowledge of C, php and mysql, it can be adapted.
  10. The 51st PVO Regiment is proud to present statistics for our DCS World server http://www.51st.org/stats/ After the FC1.12 stats page and the FC2/BS stats page, this is the third installment of the 51st stats page, now for DCS World. Points are awarded to pilots based on the events present in the multiplayer log. All events are attributed to flights, which start with a pilot entering the server and end when he or she exits. During a flight, a pilot can score points from air-to-air and air-to-ground points and double these points by safely returning to a friendly airbase. Bonus points are awarded for air-to-air kills on pilots of the 51st PVO Regiment (those wearing <51> tags) and for ejecting before crashing. Kills on friendly units will be penalized. A detailed account of the scoring system is given at http://www.51st.org/stats/rules.html. The stats pages are separated in an air-to-air page, an air-to-ground page, a page showing the overall pilot statistics, stats for each mission and a page grouping stats of pilots belonging to squadrons. The logs are parsed and uploaded to the stats page at the end of each mission. For questions, comments or suggestions about the stats page, use this thread or the Server Support Desk of our forums.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Indeed I am asking from a stats perspective. I tried Xcom's event handler setup, but I find that most of the time the hit event handlers is not accurate as to which weapon was used. the debrief.log does have this information. This may be because the script is run on the client side on the server, and it may be more accurate when it is getting data on the server side, but I do not know if the event handlers exist on the server side.
  12. It appears that in DCSW the debrief.log is only written at the end of the mission, when it is saved to Saved Games/DCS/Logs. In FC2 the debrief.log was written while events occured. Is there a setting in DCSW that controls this behaviour?
  13. This turned out to be the problem. Thanks for the instructions.
  14. On my system I have trouble getting Aries 1.970 Beta to work on W7 64bit. The first problem was that the installer (setup.exe as admin) required msvcr100.dll. Placing this file in the in directory that had setup.exe fixed this. The second problem was that the DCS configurator would not run until I put msvcr100.dll in windows/system32 (though the OS is 64bit). With these issues fixed the problem is with TS3, where it says the Aries plugin cannot be loaded. Any help to fix this last issue would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Though I haven't flown since the release of FC3 I'd like to share some observations from the FC1.12 and FC2/BS eras. The majority of players is looking for some quick action and easy kills. They'll pick their favourate aircraft regardless of how lopsided this makes the coalitions at that time. Players will leave a server if they can't fly their aircraft. Hence, to make a popular server where the sides have balanced numbers of players the best way is to place the same aircraft on both coalitions. During FC1.12 and FC2/BS we had to work really hard to make the 51st server popular with assymetric missions. By integrating the stats page with the missions (I think) we were able to get players to accept some of these assymetric missions, and some of them, like Exorcet, seemed to like them.
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