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  1. Hi AM, thanks for replying. Parking brake was on (lever vertica) Yes, I bought the SC Module UPDATE: I feel stupid...it works with the lever horizontal. I don't know HOW I mixed that up ;) While I'm here, in the same mission... when you go into fuel/ord (left alt ;), change ordinance, and click ok, is the ordinance supposed to change or did I miss a step? It does not change visibly or on SMS page
  2. In Supercarrier, the "Supercarrier Cold Start" mission, I have tried 3 times but I can't get the chocks removed. I give the command, I get the Chief's "copy", but nothing happens. The chocks remain visibly in place. BTW, Is Supercarrier on the Roosevelt? I thought I had read somewhere SC was on Stennis, but I am on TR. Is there a way to verify Supercarrier is in place and working properly?
  3. I have the same problem, but it's not the breaks. The chocks are visibly still there after getting the "copy" from the Chief. I've tried this 3 times from the newly installed Supercarrier, "Supercarrier Cold Start"
  4. At least I'm not the only one. My f-16,F-18, Nevada , and Persian Gulf among others have been "disabled"
  5. I wouldn't necessarily call this a bug, but the TGP should mount on station 5, NOT 6
  6. Thanks for the replies. Noisy_Lightning, I had already moved my install from Steam to DCS World, that's what I meant by transplant. I did it because I was seeing too many "steam incompatible" messages. I understand the open Beta concept, and I will be looking for the help pages. This is exactly the kind of RTFM guidance I've been looking for Ramsey, I will be following up your advise, but meanwhile I'm trying to figure out the DCS version of what you descibed for Steam. Habu, thank you VERY much for the links. These are precisely the kind of reference I was hoping for missions and such.
  7. Good Day, All, While I have flight simmed for a lot of years, I am very new to DCS, and on top of that am a Steam transplant. So, I would appreciate any feedback. I'm mainly focused on the Hornet right now... 1) I'm looking at Youtube vids about JDAM. How do I get updates to my install/pc? While we're at it, how about downloading missions and campaigns? What is the best place to look for such things? My Mission list shows Amraam,Maverick,HARM,etc. practice missions, but when I go into a Mission and go to LAlt+' none of these show on list drop down. JDAM not at all. Another example: digi
  8. Good Day, All. I'm a long time flight simmer , but new to DCS Hornet. I've been fairly successful mapping control ( using 80% DCS,20% SST)but am unable to get zoom working. I have a Saitek x-65 and TIr5. I would like to use the scroll wheel for zoomview , but in the control section the scroll wheel isn't recognized. My SST profile has it set to scroll wheel fore and aft. I'm also looking for a keyboard chart and am seeking the Group's opinion on what's the best reference, both for DCS set up and Hornet system usage. I have NATOPS and Chuck's Guide.
  9. Excuse the newb question...Just setting up my Saitek x-65. I'm very familiar with SST, and have looked at the ingame setup. Which would the Group recommend?
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