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  1. Testing Figuring out paramters from the lua's and see how they match in game. The logic and all of that is hidden , but the values of missiles are free to see.
  2. If the topic is for Multiplayer. No matter the target size setting the pitbull warning is given to the target 4-6nm away from them (depending on speed and alt) . Not when the missile actually goes active. So when using Large missile goes active at 12nm but doesnt give a warning till half of that. So use Large. This is true for all active missiles also, not just the 54.
  3. Why do you care about the scoreboard so much ? Just like when people decide to take a fight with the ground AKA the undefeated Champion. Just count it as a kill and be on with your day.
  4. ahhh I see , looking foward to it . Hope ED can put the time to implementing it with you guys in the near future so that we can see the true form of the 54 like we have seen with the 120.
  5. Ah I see. So its not utilizing it fully yet. Looking forward to when it uses the new FM and full Seeker logic like the Sparrow , SD-10 and AMRAAM.
  6. @Naquaii Is there an ETA to when the Aim-54 will use the new missile API ? Or is it not currently planned?
  7. Yeah I just refreshed the page and not sure what just really happend ahaha. Well then. And well I dont find AI useful for testing as they dont behave as a real player would do, they do dumb defences and have Godlike SA but at the same time die super easily. AI is games is pretty much its going to be OP or crap. You fly only singeplayer or you fly in MP also? In reality the Sparrow is far inferior in DCS. Like I've stated before there is no secanrio where you would take Sparrows over Phenonixs in DCS unless you are restricted in weaponary. At the end of the day the 54 very eas
  8. We were talking about general Fox 3 Behaviour there disinclining Aim-54s. The hybridness of the 54 is completely different to the way the other Fox 3s react in DCS
  9. I know how the 54 is meant to work. I was stating what it actually does for the OP. Probably should of included what its meant to do also to remove any confusion. 15nm isn't too close to use a 54, far from it . The Phoenix is superior to the Sparrow in every way expect the really close range scenarios as the 54 simply cannot turn currently due to it using the old FM from the old missile API and the sparrow using all new API. At the range the 54 becomes unusable its better to go sidewinders as they are much more effective than a lacklustre Sparrow, as even if you had sparrows its still bet
  10. Currently countermeasures in DCS are laughable at best in my opinion due to it being a simplistic diceroll. However its implementation is old and out of date its been planned to be reworked alongside ECM. But it will probably always be simplified part as somethings are simply just too complicated to implement (Mainly ECM) especially with old horse of an engine DCS runs on. Noisejammers for the full fid modules and reworked countermeasures I reckon is reasonable place to be at. I agree the difference between the 7M/MH and the 54s are a bit odd and only heatblur can answer why they beli
  11. Countermeasure modelling needs a lot of work in DCS so I wouldn't call it realistic. But to clarify do you mean by realistic ,you referring its too weak or too strong? Current 54 CCM values are more believable compared to old ones, by far. Current 54 CCM: 54A = 0.3 54C = 0.25 Old 54CCM: 54A = 0.06 54C =0.05 Aim-7M CCM: ED 7M = 1.0 HB 7M = 0.5 (Not sure why its half) Current 120 CCM: 120B = 0.2 120C = 0.1 Current SD-10 CCM = 0.12
  12. ╔═══════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ═══════════════════╗
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  13. Current 54 is still pretty broken. From the looks of it Magic INS is finally fixed as memory ,or as I like to call it memeory, is ineffetive (Finally). However currently the behavour is different between RIO and a Jester with TWS. RIO: 54's will be in SARH only if used in TWS. The missile will never go active and if guided till impact it will kill without ever giving a warning. Jester: 54's will need guidance till pitbull. The moment the missile goes active the countdown will jump to 16 seconds (regardless of the current number) and will start flashing . At that point you can
  14. I guess it was that time again for this question to be brought up again on the forum. They said time and time again they cant model properly due to the embargo and systems from it still being classified. If they could do it , we would probably get it. Maybe in future we will be able to get it once Iran finally get rid of their F14 fleet.
  15. Quite a meme. I swear I looked all over for this file when the Tomcat droped and this wasnt there , wonder if it got moved or wasnt a visable file for the Heatblur versions. As here it was just the old ED AI 54 beforehand. Gave up after that lol ... Thanks for the path. The CCM is intresting then as the value it states of 0.06 and 0.05 dont feel anything like that in game. Feels much worse even considering this is old API. The more recent change with the notch filter deffo hasnt helped it either. But at the same time the seeker has overperformed for the longest time due to the new API
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