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  1. Umpf... Really need 2.0 and have to buy nevada map for 49$ that i can use the normandy map i bought with my wwii backer allready !!?? damn in i dident read anything about it before when i buy allready also 9 modules since 2011... nevada you become for free if you buy a10-c before 21.02.2011... i bought my a10-c at 24.02.2011 !!! WTF !!!
  2. @BIGNEWY Big Thanks to you !!! i deleted the "pluginsEnabled.lua" in saved games folder... open the cmd-window and navigated to my dcs folder where dcs.exe is found i typed in dcs.exe - repair hit by enter !!! and it takes some minutes to be finished... IT RUNS AGAIN :) THX alot ;)
  3. Same here !!! I do a re-install with the webinstaller without any changes... Some ideas ?!
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