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  1. Only works for me with the 4XSC50, will not work with the 250 or 500kg bombs and rockets.
  2. I wish I had mad dogfight skills but here is a quick video of a sortie on the burning skies server. 9h1Zo2HBvCI
  3. We just got a new allied plane, 262 next! Then I will truly have no life.
  4. Well since I could not find a ww2 server that was up while I was playing this is AI, I set the difficulty to Random.
  5. Hey all, I need some critiquing, I know that I am not what you would call good especially with target ID, this is a replay of me vs 3 random difficulty ai, what you wont see is my searching the map for 10 min just to find them, I am horrible at finding targets. I would love some feedback on my flying, how to improve, what I did well, and my big mistakes. Thanks guys.
  6. Pull the handle until the prop damn near stops, it will catch and fire. I normally apply about 1/4 throttle, 8 pump of primer.
  7. You mean the 109 at low alt in a turn fight? I have yet to see someone say it is outclassed by the 190. The 190 seems to have it's own issues and right now is likely the worst of the ww2 birds.
  8. I feel like the P51 is still better in a dogfight (turn fight with massive energy bleed) than the FW190. You will lose a turnfight to a 109 but if you are high enough, even 2500 meters is high enough you can dive down and pull up the last second hoping he follows and 9/10 times his controls will lock and he will hit the ground, if he does not follow he knows better already.
  9. Having just flown the spitfire for the first time last night I would have to say that once you get the takeoff and landing down it is by far the easiest of them all to jump in and start getting kills. The cannons seem to pretty much always do serious damage to the enemy and for a beginner I would say the spitfire style of fighting is probably the easiest to pick up. Acceleration and top speed where much better than I had expected, close to on par with the 109 and acceleration is far better than the 190 or P51. I could see however how it would spoil you and you would not learn the more fine det
  10. Having read Rudel's book it seems he took out quite a few fighters with his JU87 as well as countless IL2's
  11. Being cannon fodder for other planes is no big deal to me, it is having an iconic German ground attack and tank buster that is a big deal to me, besides thats what fighter cover is for. I would love to do some tank busting in Normandy with the bk37.
  12. I saw some posts from a few years ago saying a company was working on a JU87 G2/D5 for DCS, has anyone heard anymore about it? None of my search results are anything recent. I would love a highly detailed Stuka.
  13. Any updates on this? Or any other JU87 being planned for the game? I love to fly the Stuka in IL2:BOS and would love even more to have it for DCS.
  14. Very nice, so would I need to sign up for anything or is it basically all stats saved for anyone who enters the server?
  15. This was happening to me as well, until I realized I was still on manual prop and was not warming the engine up properly on start up. Make sure you have good temps before taking off, don't use MW50 right off the bat either.
  16. So how will stats be saved? Meaning if I log out and back into the server in a few days will my stats remain? Are they available on a webpage or just while in game?
  17. Hello, I love this sim and I am working on improving my skill every night. I have finally gotten to the point where I can come out on top of multiplayer engagements more than 50% of the time. I am curious if there are any German WW2 focused squadrons that might be willing to take me in? With the large variety of aircraft I have decided to focus on the WW2 aircraft and get as good as possible in their operation. I am missing a lot of the principles of the game though, especially with objective tracking and radio comms. I would love to be able to fly with other people.
  18. Any update on this? I would love to have the gunpods.
  19. Go easy on me guys, I only just started this game a few weeks ago. If any german squadrons are recruiting let me know, I would love not to fly solo.
  20. This may be a dumb question, but If I have the steam version of the game and my buddy has standalone are we able to play together?
  21. Thank you, I have never used JSGME I will look into it.
  22. At least one it seems https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/128123-bf-109-k-4-20mm-engine-cannon/
  23. Personally as far as the 109 goes, I am happy with the K, I guess an E3 would be nice if we had other Battle of Britan planes, my only wish is for a 20mm cannon to replace the 30mm cannon on the K4 as an option. I think the A and D FW190's are different enough to warrant the addition. Just the additional armament would be a blast.
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