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  1. Hello, First of all I'd like to thank the author of this mod because it's flippin awesome. I am however encountering an issue with the calculator tab, it seems my pen cursor just stops updating it's position when I enter that page. I am using a Wacom One (2017) tablet on the left kneeboard only (left handed). Thanks again, Rex
  2. Hello, I have recently noticed that the V-755 missile fired by the Sa-2 we have in DCS has a habit of missing fast movers at high altitudes flying straight at the SAM site (40k feet, mach 1) because it is unable to pull enough Gs (2G max) to make the intercept at least until it's too late to pull more (it did ping to around 8G just before missing by around 100m, track is attached) . Now that seemed a bit odd so I dug a bit and found some very interesting, well written, thorough and complete (most of the time, depending on the available data on a particular SAM) documents about
  3. Hello, It seems statics are not taken into account by the A/G radar, they do not show up. Picture of the target area in the ME : Picture of the AO seen by the radar : You can only see the five tanks and none of the statics. Attached are the mission file and a track. Cheers, Rex
  4. I am well aware, just putting out some feedback for the developpers so they can release a bug free Scud :).
  5. Hello, The scud hasn't officially been release yet but i though this was important and is worth showing to the devs. The scud-B currently misses it's target by 0,8NM (no wind, firing from flat and smooth ground on a target situated on flat and smooth ground) to 11NM ! (heavy ish winds firing from flat and smooth ground on a target located on flat and smooth ground). Even under ideal conditions, 0,8NM is a lot according to multiple, though debatable, sources (couldn't find any official data unfortunately). It seems the autopilot is not quite finished or dialed in, on re-entry the
  6. Hello guys, After using Oculus touch controllers for a while now in DCS, there are a few things that would monumentaly improve the experience and I mean that. Here is a quick video explaining these items (description also sums it up) : I pray ED for these to be implemented ^^, Thanks Rex
  7. Hello, I have been using Oculus controllers for a while now, and wether it is on my Oculus Rift, my first Oculus Rift S and my second Oculus Rift S, I've noticed that there is too much haptic feedback, to a point where it is annoying, battery consuming and uncomfortable. Here is a "quick" video showcasing the issue : Hopefully this is enough to showcase the problem, I would love to see this fixed :) Goodluck squashing it, thanks. Rex
  8. Is this the datalink pod you're talking about or have you decided to make a Block 2/3 in the end ?
  9. Same weirdness happens in the A-10, very likely a problem on ED's side then.
  10. Most likely the area of the map that you were in is just on the edge of the map used by the Harrier. The same problem occurs in the A-10 although not necessarily in the same spots and zoom (the map might disappear if you zoom too much).
  11. We don't have the DTC just yet so perhaps for now it's taking coordinates from the GPS, as a sort of bypass until we get the DTC, but I have no idea. The INS right now seems to be a pretty big mess and works using witchcraft lol.
  12. If the GPS isn't working, then maybe the aircraft is not getting initial coordinates (WPT0) for alignement. I can't test this out but maybe punching in waypoint 0 coordinates would make it work.
  13. Look at your waypoint 0 coordinates, their at N0° and E0°. The map is being displayed but probably no where near where your INS thinks you are. It thinks you are in the Sahara desert which is most likely why your waypoint is 3603NM away. Could this be the beginning of a realistic INS ?
  14. My RIO told me it would keep receiving guidance corrections if the target was lost then reacquired after a couple of seconds, glad you got that out of the way, thanks. Although I'm not sure it does that in DCS, I'd have to check.
  15. Thank you. You answered part of the second question you quoted, do you know if that intercept point keeps being updated even after the host radar lost the track periodically ?
  16. I was more worried about phoenix guidance when switching from TWS to STT or TWS Auto to TWS Man. Also, I have done testing, I know what to expect in game from the phoenix and what happens when I switch modes. My questions are aimed strictly at real airframe capabilities, which are very different from the ones of the module in this area right now. Makes testing in game rather unhelpful.
  17. I'll reformulate : Is it possible in the real airframe to switch from TWS Auto to TWS Man or PD-STT while guiding a phoenix and not loose guidance ? Currently in game, it seems like you keep it. While guiding a phoenix, will loosing a track in TWS Auto then reacquiring it almost immediatly trash the missile ? Didn't test that too much in game but it seems that when this happens the missile leaves Loft and goes straight for the target. Does launching in PD-STT mean the phoenix will use SARH all the way to the target and NEVER go active even if you command it to and/or if the lock is lo
  18. Thank you, but that doesn't really answer my questions ^^. I'm more after the how it should be rather then how it is.
  19. It'll be more like 200$ in the US, less taxes. EDIT : Considering it doesn't even come with a base, it'll be very expensive for people who don't have the warthog already.
  20. Perhaps a dev or someone with documentation could kindly shed some light on these questions. I can rephrase them if something isn't clear.
  21. Can the version of the F1 we're getting (EE or CE, can't remember) carry the S530F ?
  22. Depends on your IPD, yours is 67mm which is why you're seeing a slight reduction but less then what I and others have experienced. I have a 70mm IPD and definitely guarantee that I lost at least 9-10° of FOV, it's what I got when I getto measured it (and yes I had the headset pressed in all the way). EDIT : nvm my test, doesn't work. Sorry.
  23. I've seen those white flashes occasionally as well, I've also had complete crashes of the tracking cameras which I noticed by entering passthrough and only seeing "static". I'll reinstall the Oculus software and drivers completely, also switch DP on my graphics card.
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