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  1. I second; e.g. Rosh Pina can be as a starting point for helicopter operations into Syria and Lebanon.
  2. Colevtive and Cycclic tuning Firstly I would want to thank nibbylot for this free helicopter, which was missing for a long time. Since I am not proficient in tweaking the flight model and the controls I would like to make some suggestions for those who are. 1. The controls stay most of the time near the limit (especially the collective) which restrict tuning (tuning has managed to improve the Gazelle's behaviour considerably). 2. Adding a trim button to the cyclic might help too.
  3. Yes I have exactly the same phenomenon, VA recognizes the text but does not do anything.
  4. Can You update what files did U delete ? Thanks
  5. Hello added Dcs world openbeta to Bitdefender exceptions but it is still stuck in 10% and does not contineu the setup.
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