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  1. Added a video on supercarrier launch and departure.
  2. I have seen half in before taxi and full approaching the catapult.
  3. I wanted to get some input in this video script in case I'm missing something, or something could be explained better. Of course the video features the supercarrier module: ANTI-SKID is OFF for all carrier operations RADAR is set to OPeRational HOOK BYPass is set to CARRIER Take/Off TRIM is pressed with weight-on-wheels, holding the button drives roll and yaw trim to neutral, the stabilator to 12 degrees nose up, and zeros the MECH stick position stick and rudder pedals are cycled FLAP is in the FULL position trim is set for takeoff for aircraft weight at or below 4
  4. Added a video on after engine start:
  5. We're learning how to start the F-16, and its systems, sensors, and weapons. Engine start: After engine start:
  6. Added a video on electronic countermeasures.
  7. Almost the first thing I noticed with the F-16 was the drop in frame rate.
  8. Added a video on CCIP and Snakeye bombs.
  9. Added a video on CCIP with Mk 82 low drag general purpose bombs.
  10. Added a video on AGM-65 Quick Draw using the TGP.
  11. Added a video on the AGM-65 Maverick.
  12. I do hope I have enough understanding of them to do that now. ;)
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